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Residential Heat Pump Connection

Heating and cooling networks | Heatpumps | Pre-insulated Pipes | Denmark

In the town of Assentoft near Randers, a typical family of four was spending a significant amount of money on their gas bills each year, especially with the gas price skyrocketing from DKK 2.20/m³ to...

City brewery Jongens van de Wit

HVAC/R | Refrigeration | Insulation | Netherlands

A sustainable solution with ThermaSmart PRO. This project was born from the need of the brewery to prevent condensation and minimize the energy loss. The insulation they used before leaked and therefore absorbed moisture. The...

Covalia, San Luis Potosi

Construction | Cooling Networks | Heating | Ventilation | Insulation | Pre-insulated Pipes | Mexico

The Covalia complex rhymes perfectly with these ambitions, bringing together numerous and distinct users, including gastronomic, commercial, residential and office spaces in what is widely considered an iconic real estate development project in the city....

Falabella Retail Store, Bogotá Colombia

Construction | Hot & Cold Drinking Water | Pre-insulated Pipes | Colombia

As an important player in the Latin American retail business, Falabella sought to set an example in this booming market with the construction of its new store. The aim: minimize the use of resources for...

Thermal Soil Remediation

HVAC/R | Biomass | Pre-insulated Pipes | Belgium

Industrial pollution can take on many faces. Soil contamination is one of them, and poses serious risks on human health. The Brussels region, is characterized by its historically large industrial area. It is also one...

Westin Playa Bonita

Construction | Drinking water | Hot & Cold Drinking Water | Flexalen | Panama

The beautiful Westin Playa Bonita oceanfront oasis is situated just outside the city of Panama, right in front of the Panama Canal. Its breathtaking location on the golden sands of the Veracruz Beach and blue...

Park Hyatt in Goa

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Insulation | India

Park Hyatt Goa is uniquely nestled along the pristine Arrosim beach. Its 45 acres of landscaped gardens, with its glimmering waterways and lagoons, make for an exceptional experience. So as a broker of untainted comfort,...

The Lyngdal project

HVAC/R | Biomass | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Norway

The picturesque municipality lies in the south of Norway, where a project was planned to redirect waste heat from a wooden floor factory to provide sustainable heat for parts of the town. In order to...


HVAC/R | Flexalen | United Kingdom

When dealing with a 2.500 year old UNESCO World Heritage site, sustainability and environmental sensitivity are crucial factors to consider. They are designed into the building function at every level, so the search for smart,...

Residential area „Plava laguna“

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Slovenia

Novo Mesto, Slovenia, is traditionally considered to be the economic and cultural centre of the historical Lower Carniola region. Here, the city council decided to replace a corroded and leakage-ridden old steel network, and invest...

New housing estate Young Grunwald

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Insulation | Poland

The Young Grunwald housing estate is located in central Poland, just 10 minutes from the Poznań City Centre. The plentiful shops, pharmacies, a medical clinic, a lovely green playground and the “King Cross Marcelin” shopping...

“Astoria” sanatorium in Busko Zdroj

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Insulation | Poland

Astoria sanatorium is located in the heart of the majestic spa town of Busko-Zdroj. The complex is situated in a picturesque resort park that fascinates all with its unique charm. Guests can enjoy an exclusive...

Localized district heating in Thal-Aue

HVAC/R | Biomass | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Austria

Local district heating networks are particularly effective in securing communities with affordable heat. The trend towards these solutions was also seen in Thal-Aue, in the east Tyrolean community of Assling. The dependence on fossil fuels...

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