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Thermaflex Enables Carbon-Free Cooling for Soneva Secret

District Cooling Networks | Local Cooling Networks | Flexalen | Maldives

Thermaflex Flexalen pre-insulated piping systems in the Maldives’ Haa Dhaalu Atoll. Carbon-free cooling network for Soneva Secret, including island villas, overwater villas and central facilities.

Eco-village Permatopia rolling out a sustainable future with Flexalen®

District Heating | Potable water transportation | Flexalen | Denmark

Flexalen® for district heating and potable water from geothermal heat sourceFlexalen®, the Cradle-to-Cradle Certified® solution and Flexalink connection for district heating and potable water transportation in the sustainable residential and agricultural community of Permatopia, in...

Thermaflex Enables Energy Transition in Nieuwe Wipwei, Roosendaal

Heating Networks | Netherlands

Flexalen® for low temperature heating networkFlexalen piping system transformed Roosendaal’s heating infrastructure by repurposing waste heat from the Suez waste disposal plant.Situated in the vibrant community of Roosendaal, Netherlands, the low temperature district heating project...

Zwierzyniecki (Zoo) Bridge Renovation

Construction | Poland

The Zwierzyniecki Bridge, located in Wrocław, Poland, is a significant infrastructure landmark with a length of 62 meters. Inaugurated in 2022, this bridge serves multiple purposes, primarily focusing on water distribution and the urban heating...

Utilization of excess heat from Bigadan in Horsens, Denmark

Biomass | Denmark

In connection with the expansion of the Danish biomass consortium Bigadan’s new factory in Horsens, District heating Horsens has been allowed to use the excess heat from various production methods in their district heating network.

Enhancing Heating Solutions – Zinzia Psychiatric Care Centre

Biomass | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Netherlands

The collaborative project between WSi Techniek and Thermaflex aimed to revolutionize heating solutions for the new building of Oranje Nassau’s Oord, the care center in Wageningen. Opting for a central heating station powered by biomass,...

Insulation for Poland’s Longest Tunnel

Construction | Insulation | Poland

The TS-26 tunnel, 2300 kilometers, is one of the longest tunnels in Poland, a crucial component of the S3 expressway in Poland. Serving as a vital link between the Baltic Sea and the Czech Republic along Poland’s...

Residential Heat Pump Connection

Heating and cooling networks | Heatpumps | Flexalen | Denmark

In the town of Assentoft near Randers, a typical family of four was spending a significant amount of money on their gas bills each year, especially with the gas price skyrocketing from DKK 2.20/m³ to...

City brewery Jongens van de Wit

HVAC/R | Refrigeration | Insulation | Netherlands

A sustainable solution with ThermaSmart PRO. This project was born from the need of the brewery to prevent condensation and minimize the energy loss. The insulation they used before leaked and therefore absorbed moisture. The...

High-speed sustainable heating network in Wörgl

Heating Networks | Flexalen | Austria

Wörgl is a municipality in Austria with very ambitious and exemplary environmental goals – to eliminate all fossil fuels by 2025. A milestone in reaching this goal is the “Sorglos-Wärme Wörgl” project (headache-free heat Wörgl),...

Cranfield University

Heating and cooling networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | United Kingdom

As a world-leader in innovation ranging from leadership to environmental technology, Cranfield University is highly committed to translating knowledge into societal benefit. The university’s deep expertise and strong vision in areas of energy and environment...

Almere District Heating Network

Heating and cooling networks | Biomass | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Netherlands

Since 2003, Thermaflex has been a major contributor to the smart, innovative and sustainable city development project of Almere. The project provides low energy building for living and working, embedded in a green setting for...

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