Energy-saving, strong and fire-safe insulation

Uninsulated or poorly insulated piping systems and ventilation ducts cause significant energy losses, inefficient cooling of buildings and can even lead to health issues.

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Ventilation pipes
Insulation sheet tubes

HVAC/R insulation

Comfortable and healthy indoor climate

Systems for heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate in buildings. Sustainable insulation of the system, pipelines and/or airducts is crucial.

Damped, damaged or improperly installed insulation may lead to::

  • Costly energy losses
  • Reduced performance of HVAC/R equipment
  • Corrosion of pipes and air ducts due to condensation
  • Mould growth on ceilings, walls and equipment due to condensation
  • Noise pollution caused by mechanical vibration and airflows
  • Reduced fire safety
  • Health issues
Insulation for HVAC airport terminal

High mechanical strength

Due to its high mechanical strength, i.e. tear and compression resistance, our insulation protects against damage. Thermaflex insulation also protects against noise from mechanical vibration.

Durable and safe

Our products also comply with strict fire safety standards (e.g. minimal smoke development) and are fully recyclable (Cradle to Cradle for ThermaSmart PRO). Thermaflex insulation foam can be used indoors and outdoors and is available as tubes, sheets and prefab solutions.

High performance systems

Thermaflex insulation offers manufacturers and installers of HVAC/R systems a wide operating temperature range and stable insulation value, combined with a long service life. Thanks to its closed cell structure and integrated water vapour barrier, no condensation and therefore no corrosion and mould formation occur, even if the material is slightly damaged. The entire product and not just the skin acts as a water vapour barrier. This is good for the performance of the equipment and the hygiene conditions in the spaces where it is installed.

Advice and support

Engineering support Thermaflex insulation

Engineering and support

Our insulation engineers help you select and calculate the right solution for your thermal insulation challenge.

Engineering and support
Co-development Thermaflex insulation flexalen


As an innovative supplier, we think along with you. More and more of our customers are discovering our co-development capabilities. Our engineers and solution developers can work closely with you to develop new solutions that meet your wishes and requirements.

PE insulation product lines

Insulation product lines

For heating, cooling or air conditioning systems, and in almost every environment: we have the perfect polyethylene insulation product.

Insulation product lines
Training installation Thermaflex

Installation and training

Trained installers deliver better results, within the scheduled installation time and with less waste and damage. We offer a complete training portfolio for installers of PE foam.

Installation and training


Thermaflex is affiliated with the following national and international organisations:

Abok Russian Engineers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat supply and construction thermophysics
VIB-Ondernemers in het thermisch isolatiebedrijf
NVKL Organisation for cooling and refrigeration technique
FSK Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe & Polyurethane
VDKF Verband Deutscher Kaelte Klima Fachbetriebe
DNGB Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen
OOI opleidings- en ontwikkelingsfonds voor de isolatiebranche

Why Thermaflex?

We develop and supply high-quality technical solutions for insulation, protection, shock resistance and soundproofing.

Customised solutions
100% recyclable insulation products
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Leendert van Veen
Leendert van Veen

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