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Flexalen 600 HP

Extremely flexible heat pump connection set

With Flexalen® 600 HP, we have developed an extreme flexible solution for fast and easy installation, which is ideal for connecting mono-block heat pumps.


The Ultimate Solution for Connecting Mono-block Heat Pumps

Flexalen® 600 HP consists of homogenous foamed Polyolefin foam. The product has a corrugated PE Casing pipe.

  • Extreme Flexibility and Easy Installation
  • Highest Pressure Rating
  • Technical Support

Flexalen® 600 HP Properties

Set Content

Flexalen® 600 HP double pipe with conduits

Flexalen kompressionsfittings

Compression fitting SDR11 male thread

End caps for quattro pipe

trace warning tape

Trace warning tape, 100m roll



Why Choose Flexalen® 600 HP?

One wall entry

Smallest bending radius max. 0.6m

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