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Insulation Tools & Accessories

Full range of accessories to simplify the assembly process

Tools & accessories ensure trouble-free performance for many years with a minimum of energy loss.

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Complete solutions for quick assembly

  • A complete selection of proven accessories
  • Ease of installation to save time
  • Warranty
  • Safe to use
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • High quality tools
  • Complete toolboxes

Insulation Tools & Accessories

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Ton van Soest | Technical Insulation Specialist
Ton van Soest

Technical Insulation Specialist

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July 26, 2023 in Projects

Y Towers Amsterdam

Y Towers, an impressive large-scale project in Amsterdam, is witnessing remarkable development. Homij, a VolkerWessels company, has been enlisted to handle the installation technology within the building complex. Homij's assignment…
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July 13, 2023 in Corporate News

Together We Can!

By Henk Bout - July 13, 2023Thermaflex is in corporation with Baanbrekers in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, committed to act in the best interest of people with distance to the labor…
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