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Flexalen® 600

Pre-insulated pipes

Flexalen 600 flexible pre-insulated pipes offer a single solution for district heating, cooling networks and domestic water supply and are ideal for geothermal water distribution.

Flexalen 600 heating and cooling
Flexalen 600 pre insulated pipe for heating cooling networks

All-in-one: ease, speed and high, stable performance

Flexalen 600 pre-insulated pipes are all-in-one pipes for underground applications. They combine high and stable performance with ease and speed of installation, even in difficult conditions. The pipes are lightweight, very flexible and thus easy to handle.

  • For heating and cooling networks, domestic water pipes and geothermal energy
  • With single or double pipe
  • Available in straight lengths or as coils
  • Including frost protection (only available as coils)

Pressure, temperature and moisture resistant

Thanks to the unique properties of the polybutene service pipes, the closed cell structure of the polyolefin foam and the strong and impact-resistant HDPE casing pipe, Flexalen 600 has high pressure, temperature and moisture resistance and is protected against damage.
The safe, completely homogeneous and easy-to-weld connections guarantee network efficiency throughout the life cycle.


TDS Flexalen 600 Heating
TDS Flexalen 600 Cooling
TDS Flexalen 600 Water
TDS Flexalen 600 Frost Protection
TDS Short Length Packages
Instruction Short Length Package
Thermal elongation
Cradle to Cradle Certificate
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Heating networks
Cooling networks
Hot & cold drinking water

Certifications and standards

With its Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification, Flexalen 600 is the only pre-insulated pipe in the market. It therefore represents the most sustainable choice for thermal energy distribution.

cradle 2ccradle silver Thermaflex
Cradle-to-Cradle Silver
KOMO 5609 2 system
BRL 5609-2
BRL K17401
100 recyclable Thermaflex insulation
100% recyclable
DVGW Thermaflex
ACS Attestation Conformite Sanitaire
WRAS approved material pre insulated pipe Flexalen 600
Kiwa Water Mark
Kiwa Water Mark
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Flexalen 600 heating and cooling

Flexalen 600 Heating/Cooling

Flexalen 600 Frost Protection

Flexalen 600 Frost Protection

Flexalen 600 water

Flexalen 600 Water

Flexalen 600 short length package

Flexalen 600 Short Length Packages

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