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Heat pumps

Transport of heat or cold

In our global energy landscape, the sharing of clean/green electricity is rising and heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for heating and cooling. Highly efficient heat pumps need a pre-insulated pipe system to distribute the generated heat or cold.

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Heat pump piping garden
Pre insulated pipes for heatpumps

As they consume only a small amount of electrical energy and extract the required heat/cold from thin air or solid ground, it is easy to understand the popularity of heat pumps. The pre-insulated pipe system distributes the generated heat or cold from the heat pump to a single dwelling, an entire street or any given campus with the lowest possible energy losses.

Connecting to heat or cold

Heat pumps come in various models and sizes to suit your project needs. Central heat pumps offer the benefit of a single and easily serviceable piece of equipment and make use of a (district) heating or cooling network to distribute the thermal energy.
Individual heat pumps supply a single house or apartment and come as a “split unit” or “monobloc”, each with their own specific merits. A split unit requires copper refrigerant piping. If a monobloc system is chosen, a robust and extremely flexible pre-insulated (water) pipe makes for a quick and robust installation.

Monobloc heat pumps

Monobloc heat pumps are generally installed outside the home and require a pre-insulated supply and return water pipe to deliver the cooling or heating. High flexibility, standard tooling and predefined installation kits enable installers to get the job done in no time.

Central heat pumps

Central heat pumps supply several buildings by means of a designated thermal piping network. Proper engineering, flexible pipe, quality insulation and project-specific prefabrication result in the highest possible security of supply and an attractive business case compared to individual solutions.

Flexible and easy to handle

Flexalen pre-insulated pipes combine high and stable performance with easy and quick installation. The piping system is lightweight, very flexible and therefore easy to handle, especially near the heat pump and building entry point. The system is highly resistant to pressure and temperature and is protected against damage. You can choose between safe and easy-to-install mechanical connections or completely homogeneous and easy-to-weld connections. Both guarantee a leak-free network throughout the entire service lifespan.
To complete the eco credentials of your project, Flexalen boasts Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certification, which guarantees quality and suitability for any green building project.

Project driven

Whether your project entails a single heat pump, a new-build project with many monoblocs or a small (district) heating network fed by a central heat pump, we can supply you with technical support, the right products and short lead times.
For single heat pumps, your heat pump supplier will probably supply our pipe packages, which makes it even easier. If you are installing a series of monoblocs, we would be happy to advise you about the most efficient supply and implementation of the project. If you choose a thermal network, we can carefully balance your network and deliver project-specific prefabrication to make your job easier and your client happier!

Our productlines for heatpumps

Flexalen 600 HP

With Flexalen® 600 HP, we have developed an extreme flexible solution for fast and easy installation, which is ideal for connecting mono-block...

Flexalen 600

Flexalen 600 flexible pre-insulated pipes offer a single solution for district heating, cooling networks and domestic water supply and are ideal for...

Flexalen PU

Flexalen PU pre-insulated pipes are specially designed for medium to large heating networks where flexibility is required in combination with the highest...

Flexalen Multiline

Flexalen Multiline is a pre-insulated pipe with three or more service pipes. This makes the pipe suitable for multiple applications simultaneously, such...


The universal, robust and flexible Protectube insulation channel is suitable for various combinations of pipes, tubes and cables. Protectube insulates and protects....

Flexalen prefabrications

Joints, branches and connections are the most critical parts of networks for heating, cooling or drinking water. Our prefabricated Flexalen network elements...

Flexalen system accessories

We offer all the necessary components/parts to install our integrated pre-insulated Flexalen piping system quickly and properly. We offer a complete system,...

Flexalen tools

The performance of piping systems for heating, cooling or drinking water is heavily dependent on proper installation. The use of proper tools...

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