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Air conditioning

Strong, safe and durable air conditioning insulation

The right insulation ensures that air conditioning systems perform optimally and provide a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, maximum energy efficiency and minimum maintenance costs.

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Insulation for air conditioning systems
Air conditioning insulation

Problems caused by condensation

Poor insulation leads to condensation, which arises due to the combination of temperature, air flow and humidity in rooms. This moisture can lead to damp insulation and corrosion of pipes and components of air conditioning systems.

It also causes mould, fungi, bacteria, as well as damp ceilings and floors. Condensation causes systems to perform poorly and increases energy consumption. This has a negative impact on your cost of ownership and the environment. Higher energy consumption also leads to higher CO₂ emissions.

Integrated vapour barrier

For the insulation of air conditioning (AC) systems, it is very important to choose an insulation material with an effective vapour barrier to protect pipes, components and systems against condensation. Additional coating is unnecessary when the insulation material itself has an integrated vapour barrier. Corrosion, fungi and other deposits have no chance to form and the air conditioning will continue to function properly.

Strong, safe and durable

Ideally, the insulation material used should have high mechanical strength. This gives valuable systems additional protection against damage. The way our insulation materials are installed, with prefabricated pipe elements and easily deformable sheets, allows even hard-to-reach parts of the air conditioning system to be insulated.

It goes without saying that our insulation materials do not contain harmful substances and meet strict fire safety standards. Our solutions are sustainably produced and, where specified, are Cradle-to-Cradle certified.

Versatile product properties

Our PE foam insulation can be used across a wide temperature range and has excellent long-term insulation properties. Thanks to the high µ-value, the insulation is highly impermeable to water vapour, which prevents condensation and corrosion. We offer products that are suitable for use in LEED and BREEAM projects.

Our productlines for air conditioning

ThermaSmart PRO

ThermaSmart® PRO insulation products consist of directly extruded, high-performance Thermoplastic Elastomeric foam (TPE). The wide operating temperature range makes the product ideal...

ThermaSmart ENEV

ThermaSmart ENEV tube insulation is made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam for heating and plumbing applications. ThermaSmart ENEV reduces heat...

ThermaEco FRZ HF

ThermaEco FRZ HF is made of directly extruded, high-quality halogen-free thermoplastic foam. ThermaEco FRZ HF prevents energy losses in pipes and equipment...

ThermaEco ZZ

ThermaEco ZZ tube insulation is made of directly extruded, high-quality thermoplastic polyethylene (PE) foam and is designed for domestic heating, plumbing, ventilation,...


ThermaCompact is a fully recyclable flexible tube insulation made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene thermoplastic foam. It has a strong protective...

ThermaSmart Marine 2.0

With ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black, we have developed a complete insulation solution for the maritime sector. ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black consists of...

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