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Safe and healthy drinking water

The transport of drinking water usually takes place over long distances and imposes high demands on the distribution pipes. Hygiene, health and safety are top priorities.

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Insulation for drinking water
PB Pipes for hot and cold drinking water

Special requirements apply to the quality of pipes used to transport drinking water. The health and safety of users is paramount. The main challenge for man-made water systems, especially hot water supply networks, is the growth of bacteria such as legionella. If the quality of the pipe material is insufficient, there is a risk of contamination by or via the material of the pipe itself.

The pipes must also meet strict technical requirements:

  • Suitable for cold and hot water if local drinking water quality requirements are met
  • Does not affect the taste of the water
  • Resistant to water hammer
  • Functions under high pressure
  • Long service life
Drinking water networks insulated pipes
plastic pipes and jointing for drinkingwater

Wide range of pre-insulated plastic pipes

With the wide range of Flexalen pre-insulated plastic pipes and accessories, a robust, safe, hygienic and durable drinking water network can be constructed. Our Flexalen PB service pipe with high SDR classes, can withstand high pressures and large temperature differences and is quick and easy to install with our special connection elements.
The pipes and fittings are homogeneous weldable, corrosion free and do not release any taste or contamination.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Availability of large diameter PB piping
  • Engineering support
  • Technical support
  • Installation training/supervision on site for the piping contractor/installer
  • Cradle to Cradle materials


Thermaflex is affiliated with the following national and international organisations:

Polybutene Piping Systems Association
Deutsches Institut für Normung DIW

Advice and Support

Engineering support Thermaflex insulation

Engineering and Support

Our engineers help you establish the system requirements and design your heating or cooling network.

Engineering and Support
Flexalen productlines

Flexalen product lines

Our Flexalen product lines cover all aspects of future-proof heating and cooling networks, from pre-insulated polymeric pipes to house connections and installation equipment.

Flexalen product lines
Installation training Flexalen heating cooling networks

Installation Training

Trained installers deliver better results, within the scheduled installation time. We offer a complete training portfolio for installers of Flexalen piping systems.

Installation Training

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