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Let Thermaflex help you to save energy and prevent condensation

Properly insulating hot and cold water pipes leads to significantly lower energy consumption and protects pipes against corrosion and condensation.

Sanitary insulation
Insulation sanitary system

The benefits of proper insulation of sanitary systems:

  • Lower heat loss through pipes 
  • Faster hot tap water  
  • Protection against freezing
  • Lower heating costs
  • No corrosion or mould on pipes due to condensation

Hot water pipes

Insulating hot water pipes prevents unnecessary heat loss where these pipes pass through colder areas, such as basements, crawl spaces, attics, garages and store rooms. Such heat losses cause the heating system to consume more energy. This leads to higher costs and higher CO2 emissions.
Energy savings of 70% can often be achieved by installing tube insulation on pipes. By increasing the insulation thickness by just a few millimetres, this can increase up to 85%. Hot tap water will also be available more rapidly.

Cold water pipes

The temperature in the crawl space under a house or building can drop to the outside temperature via heat loss through the ground. When this space freezes, cold water pipes can also freeze. Insulation can protect cold water pipes in uninsulated rooms, especially when used in combination with heating cables.

Corrosion due to condensation

Condensation can cause corrosion on hot and cold water supply pipes if they are not properly insulated or if the wrong insulation material is used. Insulation materials with an excellent water vapour barrier and good thermal performance protect your pipes and systems against condensation.
Corrosion, mould and other contaminants have no chance to form.

Reducing noise

Water pipes sometimes produce contact noise, as well as noise due to the shrinkage and expansion of pipes.

Our productlines for Sanitary

Our pipe insulation can be used across a wide temperature range and offers excellent long-term insulation properties. Due to the closed cell structure of our PE foams, the insulation forms a strong water vapour barrier, which prevents condensation and corrosion.

ThermaSmart PRO

ThermaSmart® PRO insulation products consist of directly extruded, high-performance Thermoplastic Elastomeric foam (TPE). The wide operating temperature range makes the product ideal...

ThermaSmart ENEV

ThermaSmart ENEV tube insulation is made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam for heating and plumbing applications. ThermaSmart ENEV reduces heat...

ThermaEco FRZ HF

ThermaEco FRZ HF is made of directly extruded, high-quality halogen-free thermoplastic foam. ThermaEco FRZ HF prevents energy losses in pipes and equipment...

ThermaEco ZZ

ThermaEco ZZ tube insulation is made of directly extruded, high-quality thermoplastic polyethylene (PE) foam and is designed for domestic heating, plumbing, ventilation,...


ThermaCompact is a fully recyclable flexible tube insulation made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene thermoplastic foam. It has a strong protective...


ThermaRod allows you to apply sealing PE foam insulation in voids in many types of construction, renovation and maintenance work. ThermaRod is...


ThermaVlies is a flexible protective hose made of synthetic fibres with a hard-wearing waterproof PE outer skin. ThermaVlies is very suitable for...

Ultra M

Thermaflex Ultra M tube insulation is made of cross-linked polyethylene foam, finished with an embossed polymer skin and a quick zipper closure....

Heating Cables

ThermaLint and TracingSet are electric heating cables that prevent freezing of pipes. They are also suitable for many other applications.In sub-zero conditions...

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