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A future-proof network

Local and district heating and cooling networks typically serve a few buildings, a complete neighbourhood or entire city districts. Hot and cold water transportation imposes very high demands on the underground distribution pipes and their thermal insulation capabilities.

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DHC networks
Distric heating network pipe

Energy distribution with DHC Networks

The construction or renovation of district heating and cooling networks demands expertise and skill. Time and space are often limited during the installation work. Moreover, the project should not disturb other construction processes and/or everyday life in the surrounding area.

district heating cooling networks
Insulated piping system for DHDC

Important factors for DHC networks are:

  • Engineered for perfection
  • Fast & professional installation
  • Optimal material durability
  • Network integrity
  • Smart operation
  • Low cost of ownership

We help you realise a future-proof network with pre-insulated polymeric pipes, be it a new scheme, renovation or expansion of an existing network.

Off-site prefabrication

The Flexalen pre-insulated pipe system offers a wide range of lightweight and flexible prefabrication options. Project-specific network sections are manufactured and tested in an ISO 14001-controlled factory environment. The result is the fastest possible installation and the most reliable network.

  • Straightforward on-site connections
  • Less labour and handling on site
  • Control of project objectives and planning
  • Minimal disturbance of the environment
  • Extremely fast to deploy
Flexalen pre insulated pipes
local district heating network

We also offer:

  • Engineering and technical support for optimal network design and operation
  • Wide range of welded and mechanical connection techniques
  • Installation training/supervision on site for the contractor/installer
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification
Mistakes to avoid when calculating designing heating networks
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The biggest mistake to avoid when calculating heating networks

Designing heating networks can be a real challenge! In this whitepaper you will learn all about the biggest mistakes to avoid!

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Thermaflex is affiliated with the following national and international organisations:

Dansk Fjernwarme
Polybutene Piping Systems Association
Sundahus miljødata
Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen
Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen
Deutsches Institut für Normung DIW
FIW Munchen
Euroheat and Power
Euroheat & Power
ODE Organisatie Duurzame Energie
DNGB Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen
Abok Russian Engineers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat supply and construction thermophysics
Rosteplo Russian heat association

Advice and Support

Engineering support Thermaflex insulation

Engineering and Support

Our engineers help you establish the system requirements and design your heating or cooling network.

Engineering and Support
Flexalen productlines

Flexalen product lines

Our Flexalen product lines cover all aspects of future-proof heating and cooling networks, from pre-insulated polymeric pipes to house connections and installation equipment.

Flexalen product lines
Installation training Flexalen heating cooling networks

Installation Training

Trained installers deliver better results, within the scheduled installation time. We offer a complete training portfolio for installers of Flexalen piping systems.

Installation Training

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