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ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0

Unique insulation solution for shipbuilding

With ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black, we have developed a complete insulation solution for the maritime sector.

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Bureau Veritas
DNV GL Thermaflex insulation for marine ships
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Insulation for shipbuilding

ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black consists of directly extruded, hallogen-free, high-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomeric foam). The product has a protective black aluminium layer and is available as tube and sheet insulation.

Preventing condensation and corrosion

The closed cell structure and integrated vapour barrier prevents condensation and corrosion. The high mechanical strength, and specifically the tear and compression resistance, of ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black also protects against damages. Even if the insulation is damaged, the vapour barrier is barely affected. This prevents hygiene problems, such as mould and bacteria but also dripping of the cold lines, stains on ceilings and wet and slippery floors..
ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black has a UV protective skin.

Air conditioning and refrigeration

ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black is the ideal insulation for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The excellent insulation value, combined with the integrated vapor barier and the fact that the material absorbs (virtually) no water, even over long periods of time, reduces energy losses of the equipment. It can be used in applications including pipes, air ducts, chillers, air handling units and compressors.

Technical Support

We offer the shipbuilding industry and installers a wide range of technical services and project support for new-build projects, renovation and maintenance. Next to this we also provide an unique training and certified installers program.

TS Marine 2.0 Properties


Pipe Systems



Air Handlers

Air-conditioning, cooling and refrigeration

ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black

TDS ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black Tube
TDS ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black Sheet
DoC ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black
Manual ThermaSmart Marine
MED ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black Certificate


ThermaSmart Marine tubes insulation

TS Marine 2.0 tube

ThermaSmart Marine sheet insulation

TS Marine 2.0 sheet

Why Choose Thermaflex Marine?

No condensation and corrosion, less maintenance
Long product lifetime
Thermal comfort, comfort for passengers and personnel
Sustainability and health
Cost and time saving
Fire safety and certification
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