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Thermaflex History

More than 45 years of innovation!

Founded in 1976, Thermaflex quickly grew into a prominent international player, providing a wide range of smart and sustainable solutions for heating, cooling and potable water, including a revolutionary way to construct district heating networks.

History timeline

Introduction of ThermaSmart Marine
TS Marine insulation for ships

Development of TS Marine Black 2.0 to meet the high standards of the maritime market.

Company restructuring

Thermaflex was restructured to become leaner, more agile and ready to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions.

Nimbus investment
Nimbus investment Thermaflex

Nimbus Investment group took a majority share in Thermaflex Group

Directly extruded sheet
2016 direct extruded insulation sheet

We started producing directly extruded insulation sheet: the low lambda value, together with the highest fire safety, makes ThermaSmart Pro sheet a very innovative insulation product!

Cradle-to-Cradle & EPD
EPD C2C certified products

Thermaflex achieved Cradle-to-Cradle Basic certification for Flexalen 600 and the first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for ThermaSmart PRO, ThermaSmart ENEV, ThermaEco FRZ and ThermaEco ZZ.

Introduction of Flexanet: street in a day
Introduction of Flexanet: street in a day

The introduction of Flexanet made it possible to install a district heating network in one day.

Introduction of Flexalink
2009 Introduction Flexalink

Development of FlexaLink for (quick) installation of district thermal water networks.

Start of polybutene pipe production
2004 Start polybutene production

Thermaflex took over the production of polybutene pipes from Pipelife, starting in the Netherlands.

Introduction of Flexalen 600
2003 Flexalen 600 introduction

Flexalen 600 was introduced to the market.

Joint venture with Flexalen
Joint venture Flexalen Thermaflex

In a joint venture with Flexalen, an Austrian subsidiary of Pipelife, Thermaflex developed the next generation of pre-insulated piping systems.