Equipment manufacturing

Tailor-made applications

In the manufacturing industry, foam material is often an indispensable part of the product or production process. It can provide thermal insulation, and also shock resistance, sound absorption or protection against damage. In food or medical applications, a hygiene certificate is necessary. Foam is also used in environments with strict standards, such as the production of microchips or aircraft components.

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Challenges in Equipment Manufacturing

The application of foam material usually requires customisation, whatever the device, machine or other product an Original Equipment Manufacturer builds or assembles. And regardless of whether the application is insulation, protection, shock resistance, noise reduction or something else, an equipment manufacturer needs:

  • R&D support
  • Flexibility to meet specific product or manufacturing process expectations
  • Direct incorporation into the production process of the OEM or supplier
  • Project supervision and quality control
  • Just-in-time delivery

Integration into production process

Our specialists advise OEMs on the correct application and integration of our foam products into their own production process, or that of a supplier. Together, we explore the possibilities for a unique solution, fully tailored to the wishes of the OEM and the end users of its products. This proceeds from the initial design, via a prototype, to a custom-made prefabricated insulation solution.

Versatile product properties

Thermaflex foam insulation offers a wide operating temperature range and excellent long-term insulation value. Thanks to its high Mu value, the insulation has a high degree of resistance to water vapour, which prevents condensation and corrosion. The high mechanical strength and tear and indentation resistance protect against impacts and damage. Thermaflex insulation also reduces structure-borne sound and mechanical vibration.

Advice and support

Engineering support Thermaflex insulation

Engineering and support

Our insulation engineers help you select and calculate the right solution for your thermal insulation challenge.

Engineering and support
Co-development Thermaflex insulation flexalen


As an innovative supplier, we think along with you. More and more of our customers are discovering our co-development capabilities. Our engineers and solution developers can work closely with you to develop new solutions that meet your wishes and requirements.

PE insulation product lines

Insulation product lines

For heating, cooling or air conditioning systems, and in almost every environment: we have the perfect polyethylene insulation product.

Insulation product lines
Training installation Thermaflex

Installation and training

Trained installers deliver better results, within the scheduled installation time and with less waste and damage. We offer a complete training portfolio for installers of PE foam.

Installation and training
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Mark van der Linden

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Why Thermaflex?

We develop and supply high-quality technical solutions for insulation, protection, shock resistance and soundproofing.

Customised solutions
100% recyclable insulation products
Project management and support


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