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Strong, safe and durable heating systems

Heating systems with good insulation lose up to 85% less energy than uninsulated systems. Insulation also provides long-term protection for pipes.

Insulation heating systems
Heating systems insulation

Heating insulation

Preventing heat loss

In traditional central heating systems with radiators, a boiler heats the water to 75 ºC – 85 ºC. If a heat pump is used, the temperature of the water used for floor and wall heating systems ranges from 35 ºC – 40 ºC. This is known as ‘low temperature heating’. With both systems, heating pipes that run through cold(er) rooms lose valuable heat unnecessarily. The heat is not utilised optimally. This results in higher energy consumption, higher costs and higher CO2 emissions.

Insulating heating pipes in colder areas, such as basements, attics, store rooms, plant rooms and garages, prevents heat loss and freezing. With tube insulation for heating pipes, the energy savings can be substantial. Studies show that energy savings from 60 – 85% can be realised, depending on the type and thickness of insulation.

Protecting pipes

Metal heating pipes (steel or copper) are susceptible to corrosion in damp areas. Water in areas containing building systems can corrode heating pipes. When the heating system is installed during construction, there is also a risk of damage to the pipe insulation, which can lead to corrosion. Strong and properly installed insulation prevents damage to the insulation, corrosion of the system and contributes to proper functioning of your heating system throughout its lifespan.

Reducing structure-borne sound

Heating system pipes tend to produce noise (e.g. tapping or contact noise). Good pipe insulation significantly reduces structure-borne sound.

Ideally, the insulation material used should have high mechanical strength. This protects valuable systems against damage. The way our insulation materials are installed, with prefabricated pipe elements and easily deformable sheets, allows even hard-to-reach parts of the heating system to be insulated.
It goes without saying that our insulation materials do not contain harmful substances and meet strict fire safety standards. Our solutions are produced sustainably and, where specified, are Cradle-to-Cradle certified.

Insulating copper pipes with PE foam

Our productlines for heating

Thermaflex foam insulation can be used across a wide temperature range and has excellent long-term insulation properties. Thanks to the high µ-value, the insulation is highly impermeable to water vapour, which prevents condensation and corrosion. We offer products that are suitable for use in LEED and BREEAM projects.

ThermaSmart PRO

ThermaSmart® PRO insulation products consist of directly extruded, high-performance Thermoplastic Elastomeric foam (TPE). The wide operating temperature range makes the product ideal...

ThermaSmart ENEV

ThermaSmart ENEV tube insulation is made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam for heating and plumbing applications. ThermaSmart ENEV reduces heat...

ThermaSmart ENEV-Q

ThermaSmart ENEV-Q is made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam with a coextruded yellow polyolefin outer skin. The tube insulation is...

ThermaEco FRZ HF

ThermaEco FRZ HF is made of directly extruded, high-quality halogen-free thermoplastic foam. ThermaEco FRZ HF prevents energy losses in pipes and equipment...

ThermaEco ZZ

ThermaEco ZZ tube insulation is made of directly extruded, high-quality thermoplastic polyethylene (PE) foam and is designed for domestic heating, plumbing, ventilation,...


ThermaCompact is a fully recyclable flexible tube insulation made of directly extruded, high-quality closed-cell polyethylene thermoplastic foam. It has a strong protective...


ThermaVlies is a flexible protective hose made of synthetic fibres with a hard-wearing waterproof PE outer skin. ThermaVlies is very suitable for...

Ultra M

Thermaflex Ultra M tube insulation is made of cross-linked polyethylene foam, finished with an embossed polymer skin and a quick zipper closure....

Heating Cables

ThermaLint and TracingSet are electric heating cables that prevent freezing of pipes. They are also suitable for many other applications.In sub-zero conditions...

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