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Comfort & Safety

The maritime industry has strict standards for insulation and the products used for it. We develope exclusive insulation products for the maritime sector that exceed these requirements.

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Bureau Veritas
DNV GL Thermaflex insulation for marine ships
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Marine insulation

A safe, efficient and sustainable solution that maximize the peace of mind for ship builders, passengers and operators

Health and safety are the basic rules of maritime industry, next to upholding pristine levels of comfort. But that can come at a high cost, especially when it comes to energy. How can shipbuilders sustainably tackle the cost and risks related to energy infrastructure as early as in the ship design?

A stable and healthy indoor climate requires an efficient and reliable level of cooling, and ventilation – based on healthy materials. When it comes to cooling, condensation is a common, yet dangerous enemy that can lead to the formation of harmful fungi, corroded systems and poor air quality.

At Thermaflex, we understand those challenges, and tailor our solutions accordingly. We offer a wide range of innovative insulation systems to meet every possible need – harmonizing comfort, capital and climate with easy-to-install thermal condensation free solutions. Our polyolefin-based ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black ranges ensure minimal smoke production in case of fire, making it the safest choice to guarantee visibility and minimize risks of intoxication or breathing problems. The biggest key aspect of the material is its water-tight barrier, with minimum condensation risk, thus ensuring maximum performance and lifetime of the air and water distribution systems. The high mechanical strength, and specifically the tear and compression resistance, of ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black also protects against damages. The ultra-light weight material can significantly cut the weight load on ships, making it possible to increase carrying capacity.

Benefits of TS Marine 2.0.


Pipe Systems



Air Handlers

Air-conditioning, cooling and refrigeration

Why Choose Thermaflex Marine?

No condensation and corrosion, less maintenance
Long product lifetime
Thermal comfort, comfort for passengers and personnel
Sustainability and health
Cost and time saving
Fire safety and certification


ThermaSmart Marine tubes insulation

TS Marine 2.0 Black Tube

ThermaSmart Marine sheet insulation

TS Marine 2.0 Sheet

Advice and Support

Engineering support Thermaflex insulation

Engineering and Support

Our insulation engineers help the shipbuilding industry with a wide range of technical services and project support for new-built projects, renovation and maintenance.

Engineering and Support
Co-development Thermaflex insulation flexalen


As an innovative supplier, we think along with you. Our engineers and solution developers can work closely with you to develop new solutions that meet your wishes and requirements.


Installation Training

Trained installers deliver better results, within the scheduled installation time and with less waste and damage. We offer a complete training portfolio for installers of PE foam.

Installation Training
Nelienke Bosch Thermaflex
Nelienke Bosch

Business Development Manager

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