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Pre-insulated ventilation ducting system

Refreshing the air and proper ventilation are extremely important to control indoor air quality and temperatures. This rids the space of moisture, smoke, odours and indoor pollutants and prevents the spread of viruses via aerosols. Proper insulation of the ventilation ducts prevents condensation, saves energy and reduces noise.

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Controlled domestic ventilation pipes
Ducting systems TQ Air

Healthy and comfortable environment

Our TQ-Air ducting system has been designed to prevent condensation, save energy and reduce noise from the units and airflow. It seamlessly integrates with your mechanical air ventilation unit, which ensures a clean, healthy and comfortable environment in the spaces where you work or live.

TQ-Air ducting:

  • Prevents condensation
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces noise from units and airflow
  • Integrates seamlessly with all air ventilation units

Air ventilation systems, HRV or HVAC

Air ventilation systems refresh indoor air with clean (filtered), dehumidified and cooled (i.e. air conditioned) air from outside. The temperature difference between the air inside and outside the ducts means condensation on the ducts and unit is one of the most common problems. Proper insulation of the unit and the use of pre-insulated TQ-Air ducts makes your system durable, safe and efficient. More and more users and high-end HRV unit suppliers have discovered the value and quality of TQ-Air ducting solutions.
TQ-Air systems can be used with all types of air ventilation, HRV and HVAC systems. The components are easy to install and shorten. This ensures that the system remains completely airtight.


  • 160/125 mm for System 125mm
  • 200/170 mm for System 150/160/180mm

TQ-Air ducting solutions consist of an inner tube of extruded polyolefin insulation foam with a vapour-tight closed cell structure, surrounded by a mechanically strong yet flexible polyethylene (PE) outer casing.


SDS Flexalen HRV
Cradle to Cradle Certificate
Cradle to Cradle MH Certificate
Installation manual

TQ-Air is quick and easy to install in heat recovery systems. It is part of our offering of a complete heat recovery ventilation system, whose quality is a guarantee for our stakeholders.

Erwin CrommelinckCommercial director Zehnder Belgium

Applications TQ-Air

Controlled domestic ventilation

Certifications and Standards

TQ-Air components are Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified. This means they are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, which makes them the ideal sustainable solution for HRV, HVAC and other mechanical air ventilation systems.

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ROHS Thermaflex insulation
100 recyclable Thermaflex insulation
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Cradle-2-Cradle Silver

The TQ-Air product assortment makes it possible, in a very short time, to realize a high quality and low noise, insulated ducting system. Very easy to install, and due to its rigidness and solid behaviour, we don’t have damages anymore when we deliver our projects.

Ronald HennekeijHOMIJ Technical Installations


Comfort airduct HRV tubes


Hans Leunessen Thermaflex
Hans Leunessen

Business Development Manager

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Why Thermaflex?

We develop and supply high-quality technical solutions for insulation, protection, shock resistance and soundproofing.

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