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Efficient use of biomass and biogas energy

Biomass or biogas are great local and renewable energy sources. They are often readily available but are not yet always put to good use. The generated gas or electricity can be fed into the electrical grid, while the generated heat can be fed into a local district heating network. All in all, this represents a win-win for local business owners and the community, and a significant incentive for the local economy.

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Biomass energy
Biomass energy piping plastic PB

Biogas or green gas

With a biogas digester, locally available agricultural waste flows become a valuable asset. Pre-insulated pipes are used to keep the process at the right temperature and maximise output. The gas produced is often stored and fed into a CHP generator. The generated electricity is used on site or fed into the national grid. The heat is an equally valuable commodity, and is distributed through a pre-insulated pipe network to other premises on site, communal buildings or homes in neighbouring villages. A reliable and efficient heating supply contributes to a resilient relationship between farm and village.

Biomass or green heating

Unlike all fossil alternatives, biomass is a carbon-neutral source of heat. Whether you source your wood chips from your own or a nearby forest, or opt for wooden pellets, a biomass boiler will transform this into usable heat efficiently. A flexible, pre-insulated pipe transports this heat to nearby houses or office buildings. A durable, pre-insulated distribution network can be used to immediately connect a campus, street or an entire town.

Local heating

Biomass temperatures generally align well with those of radiators in existing buildings and allow for an efficient heat transfer with significant delta T. Most plastic pipe systems are also specifically designed to meet the strict requirements of a biomass system.
Biomass is a locally rooted energy source. This applies to the production of the energy source, such as farming or forest maintenance, the installation of the required system and network by local contractors, and also the operation of the boiler or digester.
All this means governments are often willing to support biomass projects with attractive subsidy schemes.

Complete, tailor-made solutions

Our complete, custom-designed solutions guarantee highly efficient transport of heat produced by biomass. We can help you create a future-proof network, large or small, with flexible pre-insulated plastic pipelines in long lengths. This results in the quickest possible installation and the most reliable network.

We also offer:

  • Engineering and technical support for optimal network design and operation
  • Wide range of connection techniques (welded and mechanical)
  • On-site installation training/supervision for the contractor/installer
  • Cradle-to-cradle certification

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