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Transforming (prefab) Installation with Thermaflex Insulation Solution

Customer Review – ERA Montage

February 07, 2024

Era Montage Service BV, based in Almelo, the Netherlands, faced various challenges when producing their pre-fab skids, one of them was that the insulation material they used before was easy to damage and difficult to install. Eduard Aubrie, the owner, shares his success story after integrating Thermaflex insulation solutions into their projects.

“I am Eduard Aubrie, the owner of Era Montage Service BV, responsible for production and execution. We specialize in creating skids for heating, cooling, and electrical installations during construction. We initially encountered Thermaflex in Austria through another product from Thermaflex, ThermaCompact. Impressed by its performance, we adopted it in the Netherlands, finding the local product line more suitable for our needs. Our primary challenge was market awareness about the applications of our skids. Despite their versatility, there was limited understanding of their potential, especially in shaft and wall construction. We use Thermaflex insulation, particularly ThermaSmart Pro, for insulating cold and hot pipes during the final steps of our projects. This material ensures ready-made skids, ready to be delivered to the construction site.

Thermaflex has revolutionized our production process. With ThermaSmart Pro, we experience faster and more efficient processing, enabling pre-fabrication and ready-made delivery to the construction site. Its high insulation value and condensation-free properties have added significant value to our projects, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of our installations. It has also resolved issues with damages caused by third parties during installation. Our experience with Thermaflex has been exceptional across all product lines. ThermaSmart Pro, in particular, stands out for its durability, resistance to damages, high insulation value, and condensation-free nature. The ability to pre-fabricate and the ease of installation make it a preferred choice.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Thermaflex to every installer. ThermaSmart Pro’s benefits, including cost savings, efficient installation, high insulation value, and being condensation-free, are unparalleled compared to other insulation materials.”

Era Montage’s journey with Thermaflex showcases the transformative impact of using insulation solutions that are not only durable and mechanically resistant but also contribute to streamlining processes, achieving better results, and providing superior insulation value for cooling and heating.

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