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Y Towers Amsterdam

Y Towers, an impressive large-scale project in Amsterdam, is witnessing remarkable development. Homij, a VolkerWessels company, has been enlisted to handle the installation technology within the building complex.

Homij’s assignment focuses on designing and implementing all building-related installations for two towers. Given the large scale and required construction speed, prefabrication plays a crucial role. Homij employs the DLS and COW installation concepts, which enable the prefabrication of up to 70% of the installations. This approach facilitates efficient logistics through “just in time” delivery at the construction site.

For years, Homij has relied on ThermasmartPro insulation for the DLS system. This insulation offers several significant advantages:

  • Cradle to Cradle certified, recyclable material,
  • Excellent insulation properties, and consistent quality,
  • Exceptionally robust for the prefabrication process,
  • High mechanical resistance, the DLS system remains undamaged during transportation thus eliminates the need for repairs at the construction site, resulting in cost reductions.

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Project Information

Project: In Progress

Product: DLS System insulated by ThermaSmart PRO