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Europe’s busiest trainstation

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Netherlands

As a restless hotspot with such rich cultural heritage, artistic grandeur, and bustling nightlife, Amsterdam ranks among the most frequented cities worldwide. It is no surprise then, that its central station is also one of...

Over 30 years of reliable performance for Heiligenkreuz

Heating and cooling networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Austria

The Stift Heiligenkreuz abbey is a beautiful and living Cistercian monastery. It is located in the middle of the “Wienerwald” (the Vienna woods) and serves as the the oldest active and inhabited Cisterian monastery in...

The Oberoi Rajvilas India

HVAC/R | Airconditioning | Flexalen | India

The Oberoi Rajvilas, ranked as one of the best hotel in the world, is set in 13 hectare of landscaped gardens with pavilions and reflecting pools. Rooms, luxury tents and villas with private pools are...

Communal wood boiler in Yzeron

Other markets | Biomass | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | France

Yzeron is located in the heart of the Monts du Lyonnais in the Rhône, on a rocky outcrop 700 meters above sea level. It is a picturesque tourist village with many restaurants, lodges and shops....

Ready for the asparagus season

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Germany

Where many other municipalities and cities have problems finding new life for former barrack sites, Kloster Lehnin in the German federal state of Brandenburg, sees a remarkable conversion project in April 2012. The Beelitz asparagus...

Flexalen in Antarctica

Heating and cooling networks | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Antarctica

The Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.) had planned to build a research base in the Antarctica. The extreme temperatures meant it would be an enormous challenge to deliver the hot water reliably, and efficiently. In...

Straw heating in Seibersdorf

HVAC/R | Biomass | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Austria

The municipality of Seibersdorf, in Lower Austria, understood the great value of switching over from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable energy. They realized that potential by using local resources for the communal heat supply...

A not so slippery slope in Kassel

HVAC/R | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Germany

The chance to combine the vibrancy of city life with a high standard of living was just one of the many factors that attracted the Bergweg residential estate. The 15 buildings, each with 105 apartments,...

Floating Sauna in Neuruppin

HVAC/R | Geothermal | Flexalen | Germany

In January 2013 the biggest floating sauna in Europe was inaugurated close to the sea hotel “Fontane” in the Ruppiner See. This beautiful lake is located in Brandenburg almost 50 kilometers north-west of Berlin. The...

Haydau – biogas to warm and cool the hotel

HVAC/R | Biomass | Flexalen | Germany

The Hessian heritage convent Haydau has been converted into an international conference complex with modern hotel facilities. The power source is almost completely undertaken by the biogas plant situated nearby, which delivers not only electricity...

District Heating with biomass in Lichtenegg

HVAC/R | Biomass | Cooling Networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Austria

In 1987, in the rural village of Lichtenegg (Lower Austria), a biomass-based district heating solution became one of the earlier manifests of Flexalen. The heat supply for the local community could be secured with regional...

District heating in Griesheim

Other markets | Biomass | Flexalen | Germany

Griesheim is a rural area in central Germany, and planned to use the waste heat from a biogas plant to supply scattered farms, removed far away from the village. Efficiency over such long distances was...

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