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Insulation for Poland’s Longest Tunnel

Construction | Frost Protection | Insulation | Poland

The TS-26 tunnel, 2300 kilometers, is one of the longest tunnels in Poland, a crucial component of the S3 expressway in Poland. Serving as a vital link between the Baltic Sea and the Czech Republic along Poland’s...

Residential Heat Pump Connection

Heating and cooling networks | Heatpumps | Flexalen | Denmark

In the town of Assentoft near Randers, a typical family of four was spending a significant amount of money on their gas bills each year, especially with the gas price skyrocketing from DKK 2.20/m³ to...

High-speed sustainable heating network in Wörgl

Heating Networks | Flexalen | Austria

Wörgl is a municipality in Austria with very ambitious and exemplary environmental goals – to eliminate all fossil fuels by 2025. A milestone in reaching this goal is the “Sorglos-Wärme Wörgl” project (headache-free heat Wörgl),...

Cranfield University

Heating and cooling networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | United Kingdom

As a world-leader in innovation ranging from leadership to environmental technology, Cranfield University is highly committed to translating knowledge into societal benefit. The university’s deep expertise and strong vision in areas of energy and environment...

Almere District Heating Network

Heating and cooling networks | Biomass | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Netherlands

Since 2003, Thermaflex has been a major contributor to the smart, innovative and sustainable city development project of Almere. The project provides low energy building for living and working, embedded in a green setting for...

Biomass net in Hoce

Other markets | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Slovenia

In Slovenia there are a number of opportunities in the market for renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. Three Austrian companies recognized this: KWB – Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse GmbH (heat and...

One local heating network in Stellshagen

Drinking water | Heating | Hot & Cold Drinking Water | Flexalen | Germany

Only 10 kilometres from the Baltic Sea, surrounded by the peaceful meadows of Damshagen, lies the village of Stellshagen. Here, the “Gutshaus Stellshagen” bio-hotel attracts visitors from all over the place. A few years ago,...

Malstedt – one village – one local heat network

Heating and cooling networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Germany

The beautiful village of Malstedt is located in Deinstedt municipality, in the beautiful Lower Saxony region. The landscape is characterized by woods, grassland and moors; various lakes and rivers. The river Bever goes straight through...

Housing association in Gorsk

Heating and cooling networks | Heating | Flexalen | Poland

The housing association is located in the small village Gorsk near the river Wisla. The housing complex existed out of 7 buildings. Due to the beautiful environment – a place surrounded by trees and shrubs...

The domestic heat pump experiment

Heating and cooling networks | Heating | Flexalen | Germany

In Rostock, in the far north of Germany, an exceptional experiment was initiated. Building energy consultant Günter Oldigs, who concentrates on the energy efficiency of buildings for more than 20 years now, set himself an...

Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway

Heating and cooling networks | Biomass | Heating | Flexalen | Norway

Bogafjell is a borough of the city of Sandnes at the foot of the Bogafjell mountain, in Rogaland county, Norway. In Norway’s national ambition to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy, it has...

Villa Mercedes Biogas Plant

Heating and cooling networks | Biomass | Flexalen | Argentina

The 30.000 pigs on Villa Mercedes producing 1,5 tons of excrement every day, combined with the farm’s sorghum and maize plant wastes will secure a clean local energy supply for years to come with Thermaflex’...

Thermaflex and Veolia (former Dalkia) in Romania

Heating and cooling networks | Heating Networks | Flexalen | Romania

The successful renovation of the DHC network for the Otopeni Veolia (former Dalkia) project was realized in 2013, securing reliable, and affordable heating for the Otopeni community. The flexibility of the material, the ease and...

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