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Residential Heatpump Connection

Assentoft, Denmark
Gas consumption per year 2089 m³
Replacement of gas boiler with air to water heat pump

SLP Project Conversion from gas to air to water heat pump, 2023

Outdoor part 18.5 metres away from the heat pump

In the town of Assentoft near Randers, a typical family of four was spending a significant amount of money on their gas bills each year, especially with the gas price skyrocketing from DKK 2.20/m³ to DKK 34.00/m³. So they decided to replace their gas stove with a more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.


Save yearly energy costs, and avoid heavy machinery inside the plot to minimize damage to the tiled areas and garden.

Project Process

To minimize the damage to their tiled areas and garden, the family opted to dig the necessary holes for installation themselves using a hand crowbar. Installation time for excavation and laying, was about 7.5 hours by hand.

The Kronotherm 12 kW air to water heat pump was the perfect solution for the family’s needs. It was capable of heating their two-story, 272 m² home with underfloor heating and hot domestic water. With this system in place, the family can enjoy a warm and comfortable home while reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on their energy bills.

With Thermaflex Flexalen Short Length Package, we helped this family from design, delivery, installation training to realizing the energy saving goals.

Installation through the outer wall from the basement


After completing the re-establishment of the tile area, the final result of the project is now visible. The outdoor part of the heat pump is located 18.5 metres away from the technical room, behind the garage and towards the garden, which is built at a lower level towards the basement level. One of the major advantages of the installed heat pump is its low noise level, this feature ensures that the residents and neighbors will not be disturbed by the noise generated by the heat pump.

Output: 12 kW
Efficiency: SCOP 5.21
Energy labelling: AAA+
Noise level: 46 dB

Additional Info

Plumbing installer: Pro-Plast / Taulborg VVS

End Customer: Mette & Jesper Hansen

Project Responsible at Thermaflex: Jan Hønning

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