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Together We Can!

Thermaflex is in cooperation with Baanbrekers

By Henk BoutJuly 13, 2023

Thermaflex is in corporation with Baanbrekers in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, committed to act in the best interest of people with distance to the labor market by enabling them to contribute and being part of our organization.

Our cooperation goes back many years, it started with the outsourcing of packing activities for Insulation and leisure products in the past. This was done mainly internally at WML, the former name of Baanbrekers. Based on that successful cooperation we decided to develop together the segmented elbows for our TQ-Air assortment, internally at WML, and later in the factory from Thermaflex in Waalwijk.

In this very successful cooperation, we have achieved:

  • Production and packaging of insulation accessories
  • Development and production of segmented elbows
  • Production of segmented T-pieces for TQ-Air
  • Assembly of post insulation pieces for pre-insulated pipe systems
  • Assembly of roof terminals for TQ-Air
  • Assembly of accessory sets for Flexalen short length packages

The production is expanded from 5000 pcs./year to a budgeted 100.000 pcs./year, growing from 3 people part time at work in Thermaflex to 9 people full time in 2023, and 3 employees working on a contract for Thermaflex after a contract period at Baanbrekers.

The cooperation between Thermaflex and Braanbrekers is a win-win situation, with happy, motivated and skilled people. They are part of our organization and contributing to the continuous success for the business as well as the community.

Thermaflex is committed to giving back to society, helping people together with Baanbrekers is only one of our initiatives. Follow our Linkedin and Facebook to have timely update on more news.