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30 Years at Thermaflex - Patrick Spijks (Business Unit Manager)

By Patrick Spijkers – August 30, 2023

Celebrating 30 years of dedication and leadership at Thermaflex! In this interview, Patrick Spijkers, Flexalen Bussiness Unit Manger, shared his story at Thermaflex, career development advice, and the sustainable future of the company.

” Started off as a trainee in quality management, and later, they asked me to help set up the logistics department. I did that for several years, and eventually moved into general management. I’ve been part of Thermaflex’s international growth right from the start, and had the privilege to help build it. My career advice for people would be, be patient. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And give your employer time to get used to you. Don’t job-hop too quickly, show some initiative. Be patient, opportunities will come naturally.

I’ve been with Thermaflex for 30 years, you might wonder how I’ve stuck it out so long. Well, we initially started as a family business, and that family vibe is still in the company’s DNA. That’s why it still feels like coming home every day for me. I started as an intern, so I’ve had the chance to grow, and basically, I’ve evolved with the company. And importantly, we’re doing something right. We make sustainable products, are socially engaged, and focus on energy savings for today and tomorrow. That’s why I still feel at home here, I go home thinking, “Hey, we did some good things today”.  The direction we want in Thermaflex is always green. Sustainable, socially responsible. We aim to keep improving our products, making them even more sustainable, and ultimately reducing our environmental impact. You can see that in our sustainability report, recently posted on our website. We’re taking these steps gradually, as a whole company, and trying to stick true to our motto. “

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