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Pre-insulated Pipes

Smart networks for decades of service

For decades, we’ve worked closely together with engineers, municipalities, contractors, and installers to drive continuous innovation in the development of our district heating and cooling systems. Today, our pre-insulated pipe systems go above and beyond industry standards in ensuring reliability, durable performance, simplicity, and speed of installation.

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Network solutions for any challenge

We offer a complete range of flexible pre-insulated pipes ideal for district heating, cooling, and potable water applications in renovation, newbuild or retrofit projects. All our network solutions are fully adaptable to local circumstances and future needs. From single take-away box solutions for A to B connections to complete prefabricated district heating and cooling networks on coil.

Discover our range of pre-insulated pipe systems:

  • Flexalen 600: Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver, and the most popular choice
  • Flexalen SL semi-rigid pipes for high volume networks
  • Flexalen 1000+ multi-pipe system for absolute freedom in network design
  • Tailor-made prefabrications combining optimal reliability and installation speed
  • Complete range of tools and accessories to facilitate system installation

Why choose Thermaflex pre-insulated pipes?

  • Quick and easy installation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Consistent performance over time
  • Extended lifetime
  • Fully and homogeneously weldable for increased reliability
  • Non-corrodible
  • Modern high-end materials
  • Technical benefits of Polybutene (PB-1)
  • High ecological value
  • Extensive installation support: integrated network design, calculation tools, training and on-site support



  Pressure drop PB-pipes PDF 44 KB Preview Download Mail

Pressure drop PB-pipes


  EuroHeat&Power: Optimized heating and cooling systems PDF 270 KB Preview Download Mail

New economic connection solution for flexible piping: optimized heating and cooling systems for low energy housing developments. 

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Feb. 2013)

  EuroHeat&Power: Innovative concept with flexible pipes PDF 435 KB Preview Download Mail

Innovative Concept with flexible pipes: 

New Record: 1,5 hours for ten house connections.

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Nov. 2014)

Brochures Catalogues

  Flexalen Product Guide PDF 4623 KB Preview Download Mail

The Flexalen Product Guide offers all system, application & technical specifications for all Flexalen product ranges.

  Successful in the past - prepared for the future (PBPSA) PDF 1619 KB Preview Download Mail

This brochure is giving an introduction to Polybutene including a review of the performance of Polybutene pressure piping systems in meeting the needs of sustainable building regulations.

  Flexalen - No1 choice for specifiers around the world PDF 817 KB Preview Download Mail

Why is Flexalen the No1 choice for specifiers around the world?

Installation Manuals

  Flexalen instruction: Laying instruction PDF 1936 KB Preview Download Mail

Laying instruction for Flexalen 600, Flexalen 1000+, Straight lenghts and Flexalen Solar.

  Flexalen instruction: Pressure testing PDF 162 KB Preview Download Mail

Pressure testing and pressure test protocol.

Technical Datasheets

  Pre-insulated pipe - Flexalen 600 Heating/Cooling PDF 278 KB Preview Download Mail
  Pre-insulated pipe - Flexalen 600 Water PDF 240 KB Preview Download Mail
  Pre-insulated pipe - Flexalen 600 FP PDF 300 KB Preview Download Mail
  Pre-insulated pipe - Flexalen Multiline PDF 226 KB Preview Download Mail
  PDF 552 KB Preview Download Mail

Safety Data Sheets

  Flexalen: PE Cleaner Tissues PDF 220 KB Preview Download Mail
  Flexalen: PE Cleaner 1L PDF 222 KB Preview Download Mail
  Flexalen: 2k PUR foam components (insulation coupler) PDF 340 KB Preview Download Mail

Environmental Certifications

  Flexalen 600 - Cradle to Cradle Silver Material Health Certificate PDF 158 KB Preview Download Mail


  REACH Declaration PDF 348 KB Preview Download Mail

We fully commit ourselves to the protection of human health and environment. We take that responsibility seriously, so that also goes for the materials that we use in our production. All Thermaflex components are REACH compliant: risk-free and safe to use under any conditions in conformity with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals by EU regulation.

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