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Training and onsite support for project start-up in the Maldives

By Thomas van den Groenendaal, Jelmar van Beek – September 22, 2023

Thermaflex Flexalen flexible pre-insulated pipe networks are installed around the world. We provide the expertise and support to make each and every project a durable success. In the Maldives we recently combined 2 project start-ups for 2 different luxury resort groups. Products used in these projects include: KIWA system certified Flexalen 600, Flexalen PU SL and Flexalen PB, along with ThermaSmart Pro technical insulation.

Island resorts in the Maldives are on a big drive towards sustainability. Thermaflex teamed up with DAIKIN and proposed a solution requiring the very best in energy efficiency, guest comfort and financial payback. A prefabricated chiller plant provides chilled water and hot tap water at unrivaled energy efficiency. A thermal ice storage maximizes the use of solar energy and covers the nighttime demand for cooling. And a Flexalen flexible pre insulated pipe network distributes the chilled and hot tap water to each and every villa. Our end-to-end project commitment and very complete offering made us the supplier of choice for these ultra luxury island resort projects!

Jelmar van Beek, our expert and trainer, set out to the Maldives to provide training onsite for various welding techniques (socket, electro and butt fusion) and the application of in situ insulation couplers. In these project start-ups the project layout and material handling techniques are also discussed, in order to guarantee a smooth installation and durable operation. These trainings are of great fun, immense value to the contractor and client, and always provide us with valuable feedback.

While the Maldives stands as a shining example, it’s just one of our many successful projects across the globe. We’re not just delivering products, we’re engineering sustainable solutions and provide relevant technical excellence for generations to come.

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