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ThermaSmart Marine Professional training for IAQ Technologies Inc.

IAQ Technologies in collaboration with Thermaflex for future projects

We are excited to share that 4 installers and 2 engineers from IAQ Technologies successfully completed the ThermaSmart Marine training yesterday, at Thermaflex Academy in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Similar to numerous installers and insulators across the globe in the maritime sector, they are now armed with the essential knowledge and skills in thermoplastic insulation, poised for upcoming projects. The 2-days seminar provided comprehensive guidance on the proper techniques and methods for installing Thermaflex’s innovative insulation.

The seminar demonstrated excellent structure, striking a harmonious balance between theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations. The hands-on sessions proved especially beneficial, solidifying the discussed concepts and providing a clear grasp of effective insulation applications in real-life scenarios.

A special shout-out to Gus Mitropoulos, the visionary owner of IAQ, for his unwavering commitment to professional and sustainable marine insulation projects. The success of this endeavor is also attributed to the dedication of our expert, Ton van Soest, who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every training session.

“A big thank you to Ton and Nelienke for your hospitality and professionalism shown to our team during the recent certification program. IAQ Technologies Inc. is thrilled to enhance our product service offering to the marine industry with our collaboration with Thermaflex and look forward to a long term and ongoing partnership together.”

Gus MitropoulosOwner of IAQ Technologies Inc.

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