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Thermaflex Marine Insulation onboard Britannia and Dawn

Britannia and Dawn Drydock Project with ThermaSmart® Marine Insulation

By Ton van Soest, Andre Jonscher, German Torres – April 29, 2024

To fellow maritime enthusiasts!

It’s a pleasure to share with you the exciting journey we embarked on recently, supported two significant cruise ship drydock maintenance projects where Thermaflex’s innovative glueless marine insulation system was applied, another step towards a more healthy and sustainable environment aboard.

Early April, our first stop on this maritime odyssey was the renowned DAMEN shipyard in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Britannia was undergoing drydock maintenance, this was one of the biggest riding team deployment from Carnival UK. As the Thermaflex experts, we provided training, supervision and support for insulation maintenance. After the removal of the previous installed rubber insulation material that was soaked with condense water, the team installed ThermaSmart Marine products in various locations, such as the cold rooms, galleys and guest cabins, ensuring condensation free and energy efficiency, providing optimal comfort for passengers and crew.

During the Britannia project, 5 installers from Carnival UK insulation squad and 14 from Atlantic Refrigeration were trained and certified by Thermaflex Marine training and certification program. With precision and expertise, we seamlessly executed the insulation replacement. Kudos to the project team for their excellent work!

Our journey didn’t end there, after a short rest we set sail for Chantier Naval de Marseille (CNdM) shipyard in Marseille, France, delivering our expertise to the maintenance of the Dawn from Norwegian Cruise Line. This was a major maintenance project, more than 40 installers were involved for insulation replacement. Once again, we worked hand-in-hand with IAQ Technology to replace insulation across the vessel.

As we bid farewell to the Britannia and Dawn, we look forward to the next projects and remain committed to providing innovative solutions and end to end support that solve insulation issues aboard. Want to explore how we can support your next project? Reach out to us today.

Until next time!

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