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Thermaflex is ready for the VVS´23 Fair in Denmark

VVS '23

Come and meet us at the stand A1240 where we have many new products this time.
In collaboration with our new distributor ScanPipe, we present:

  • Pre-fabricated House Connections which makes it super easy to make service lines for district heating and significantly minimizes installation time,
  • Multiline pipe, the ideal choice for heat pump installations,
  • New complete range and new dimensions in District heating pipes,
  • Pre-insulated valves.

We offer total solutions, including pipe deliveries to product sites, and welding in the ground if you want to avoid doing it yourself.

We welcome you with a fresh cup of coffee or tap beer.

See you at VVS'23 on May 24-26, 2023

Opening hours of the fair
Wednesday, May 24, 8.30-16.00
Thursday, May 25, 8.30-16.00
Friday, May 26, 8.30-15.00

Get you free entrance ticket here.

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Heating and cooling networks

Flexalen pipes are assembled by electric or butt welding by the contractor himself and/or a plastic welding company. It’s not long waiting times for expensive welding personnel, X-ray guidance and subsequent isolation of the joint. All this is done in one work step by the contractor or the plastic welding company itself. This is where the big savings benefit the timetable for the roll-out of the district heating network and the economy for consumers.

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