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Sustainable alternative to steel district heating pipes

Flexalen, a Cradle to Cradle Certified® product that has many advantages for district heating installation

The recent Pipe Center Days event held at the Technological Institute in Taastrup brought together industry professionals to showcase the latest equipment and knowledge aimed at making the water and drainage industry more environmentally friendly.

One of the exhibitors, ScanPipe, used the event as an opportunity to promote their partnership with Thermaflex and highlight the innovative solutions. Thermaflex offers a wide range of products called Flexalen®, which consists of plastic district heating pipes. These pipes serve as an excellent and eco-friendly alternative to traditional steel pipes. They have the capability to withstand high temperatures of up to 95 degrees and are completely waterproof. Flexalen® has gained popularity in the Netherlands, particularly due to the country’s significant areas below sea level.

Martin Lehman from ScanPipe expressed his admiration for Flexalen®, stating that it is a remarkable solution. He emphasized its climate-friendly properties and highlighted its ability to meet the demands of the industry. Lehman’s colleague from Thermaflex, Jan Hønning, explained that Flexalen® comes in various sizes, ranging from small dimensions like 25/90mm to larger main lines measuring 315/450mm. These pipes are highly flexible, reducing the need for bending during installation. Additionally, Flexalen® is a sustainable product with 100 percent recyclability. It holds Cradle to Cradle Certification®, ensuring its environmental credentials, and boasts an extended lifespan.

The assembly of Flexalen® pipes is straightforward and convenient. The product offers a wide selection of prefabricated solutions, and ScanPipe even accommodates special requests tailored to specific project requirements.

In summary, the simplicity of assembly contributes to the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of utilizing Flexalen pipes in various projects.

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“The assembly of Flexalen pipes is easily accomplished through electric or butt welding, which can be performed by the contractor or a plastic welding company. This eliminates the requirement of extended waiting periods for costly welding personnel, X-ray inspections, and subsequent insulation of the joints. All of these tasks can be completed in a single step, providing significant savings in terms of both time and finances.”

Jan HønningRegional Sales Manager, Thermaflex Nordics