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Prefabricated Connections

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prefabricated connections
prefabricated connections
prefabricated connections
prefabricated connections

Network connections are the fundamental hinges of an efficient and sustainable thermal energy supply. Securing your connections means securing a headache-free future of thermal comfort. We can ensure that peace of mind through quick, easy, yet solid connection solutions.

For each network design and any custom criteria, we combine the most suitable connection technologies to ensure a fast and reliable network installation. For main lines and specific needs, made-to-order components can be readily installed. In fact, we can provide the following components in any size from OD 16 – OD 225 to suit any specific wishes, circumstances and challenges. All sizes up to OD 90 are also available with an oxygen barrier.

An easy touch

Branches, or ‘T pieces’, allow quick and reliable branching off to other lines. For underground networks, we recommend Flexalink for main lines up to OD 110. This means only straight welds – the easiest type of connection – need to be made on site. As these connections are fixated by the insulation material, it will prevent any tears and breakage caused by expansion.

Any variation in your network can be dealt with through:

  • Bends – Pre-made curves to deal with directional changes
  • Elbows – Pre-made corners (45° or 90° degrees)
  • Specials – Not one network is the same. Often custom components are needed to deal with specific connections. Whatever the need, our certified welders craftsman can accommodate: headers, ‘Y-pieces’, … you name it
  • Insulation sets with all components to ensure an optimal performance over lifetime

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