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Revolutionizing connection technology
Flexalink prefabricated house connections
Flexalink prefabricated house connections

Imagine that. Imagine if the most challenging part of network installations – the branches and connections – would actually become a cakewalk. Imagine they could be taken out of the field (with all its unpredictable external strains), carefully prepared on a 100% clean and controlled factory floor, readily tested for performance, and immensely reduce the amount of welded connections needed on-site? Imagine.

Changing the game

Implementing or replacing district energy networks can put quite some strain on a community. It is often associated with endless road blocks, streets turning into sand boxes, parking problems, and disturbing excavation works. On top of that, their installation or operation can come with quite a package of risks; leakages, deteriorating insulation material, downtime, … in most cases a direct cause of faulty connections. This leads to an underperforming network, higher energy bills, even more disturbance and spiralling operating costs. That doesn’t do much for public opinion about district energy schemes, an otherwise ideal solution for a collective transition towards more resilient, and sustainable communities.

Breaking the barriers

We decided to put a halt to this. Now no longer a fantasy, Flexalink is the revolution we’ve been waiting for. Co-created in 2010 with several district heating companies, Flexalink connection technology has proved to be a real game-changer. Ideal for both heating, cooling and tap water grids, these prefabricated house connections reduce the connections on site to just 30% of traditional designs and allow a complete street to be connected to a district network in no time. That greatly mitigates the 2 major barriers in any network installation: disturbance on daily life, and installation and operation risks.

  • Installation

    75% reducing installation time on site

  • Water

    100% watertight

  • Specificities

    Risk free: pressure tested in our factory

    No build up of scale or calcification

    Very low resistance/pressure drop due to smooth interior walls

  • Service temperature

    Wide temperature range

    Minimum -15°C 

    Maximum 95°C

  • Additionnal information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the brochure

  • Availabilities

    Standard lengths

    1m +5m backbone Flexalen SL

    4m house connection Flexalen 600

    Customization on request


    Main pipe OD25 - OD110

    House connection OD25 - OD40

Blueprint for the future

In terms of TIC (Total Installed Cost), Flexalink is also a highly economical solution, especially for building connections as components, handling, installation and overhead costs are kept to a minimum. The ease of installation deals with the toughest circumstances: crawl spaces, existing infrastructure or blueprint deviations. So instead of months, the installation of district energy networks become a matter of days, allowing effective control of costly labor and time schedules, preventing any contract variations.

Flexalink is ideal for new networks, renovation as well as retrofit to existing infrastructure. It can be tailored to any specific project challenges and stakeholder needs.With the guidance and pressure-testing by our certified professionals, optimal system performance is a guarantee.

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