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ThermaSmart PRO Sheet

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ThermaSmart PRO sheet insulation
ThermaSmart PRO sheet insulation
ThermaSmart PRO sheet insulation
ThermaSmart PRO sheet insulation

Build to last. ThermaSmart PRO sheet is the material of choice for owners and installers across the globe who seek excellent and durable performance combined with quick and easy installation. Its unique health and sustainable properties make it the go-to product for anyone thinking ahead of time – something none of your stakeholders will ever regret.

Play it safe

ThermaSmart PRO sheet meets today’s most stringent demands when it comes to the efficient insulation of large surface areas. The wide temperature ranges make it ideal for both Heating, Ventilation, Cooling and Refrigeration. The excellent insulation value minimizes energy losses in applications including ducts, chillers and air handlers. For cooling and refrigeration, the unparalleled water vapor diffusion barrier eliminates the risk of condensation and subsequent corrosion or material deterioration headaches. The water vapor transmission performance ensures these excellent insulation properties for decades to come.

The excellent mechanical strengths measured in tear– and puncture resistance make ThermaSmart PRO also the ideal protection of your valuable installation of pipes, fittings, valves, compressors, heat exchangers, etc. ThermaSmart PRO has also been developed to ensure an optimal protection of human health. Its high fire safety standards and minimal smoke production make sure building occupants can safely leave their building in case of fire, unhindered in finding their way out or breathing.

Protecting your investment, and environment

ThermaSmartPRO sheet is made of direct extruded, high-grade thermoplastic foam and is 100% recyclable. Third party approved Environmental Product Declaration perfectly illustrate the environmental impact of our materials throughout their lifecycle. On top of that, it is Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze, underlining absolute material quality, health and lifetime performance. These green credentials make it ideal for green building certification, such as LEED or BREEAM projects

Design for success

We offer wide support to optimize your design with energy saving calculations, component selection support, and installation optimization. You’re also free to download these tools yourself and do the math. We know that a smart design phase goes a long way into the installation and performance of the system.

Whether your insulation challenge is retrofit, new construction or prefabrication, we offer complete toolsets and installation training programs to ensure maximum peace of mind for owner, installer and end-user. 

Discover the benefits of ThermaSmart PRO for engineers here

… or download the ThermaSmart PRO product guide for technical details.

Discover the benefits of ThermaSmart PRO for installers here

… or download the ThermaSmart PRO product guide for technical details.

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