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Green Building with ThermaSmart PRO

By Karolina Krol on April 12, 2016 in Press

Environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building plays a crucial role in making scarce resources meet not only current, but also future demands. That requires a careful consideration regarding the way we design, build, operate and maintain buildings. Importantly, green building starts with a green energy infrastructure. Our newest ThermaSmart PRO insulation innovation has been developed in coordination with leading green building benchmarks. 

In order to offer a transparent basis for engineers, building developers architects and designers to make well-informed choices, we've drawn up an exact breakdown of how ThermaSmart PRO meets the two frontrunners in green building certification: LEED and BREEAM. Check it out by clicking the picture below!

ThermaSmart PRO Green Building Specifications (LEED & BREEAM)

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