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We, Thermaflex

Thermaflex integrated QHSE system

Enabling us to exceed stakeholder expectations, demonstrate sustainability while being innovative, responsible and transparent in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental aspects.

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Quality Assurance

The quality management systems of Thermaflex have shaped all our processes aiming to meet the expectations of our customers. The embedded continuous improvement methods enable us to continuously adapt ourselves to market requirements.
While serving our customers, we minimize our impact, support the circular economy by improving processes, reducing rejects and decreasing our recycled waste.

Our quality management systems are certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and integrated in our QHSE management systems. With the planet and its people in our mind, we are continuously monitoring and improving the quality of our products. Always complying with local applicable legislation and regulations, being in control of risks.

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High quality standards

Our systems and processes have been designed to meet international standards while delivering outstanding quality service levels. Also a vital aspect of the Thermaflex quality culture is our aim and the inner drive of all our worldwide employees to exceed customer expectations. Smooth internal procedures guarantee that we always show the highest quality in our products, systems, service and performances. Moreover, for as far as Europe is concerned, the Thermaflex standards are tighter than the European standards.

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Health, Safety & Environment

The depletion of resources, the environmental- and social impact it causes, is undeniable. Our goal is to maximum contribute to the circular economy while being a reference for sustainability in our business. We do this by operating worldwide in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner. With the greatest respect for the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, the communities and its environment. In how far can be seen in our EPD’s (Environmental Product Declarations)

In order to reach the highest levels, we are continuously creating awareness by training our employees and involving our stakeholders in ongoing developments. Health, safety and environment is integrated in our QHSE management system. We strive for zero accidents, avoidance of environmental incidents; creating a safe and environmental friendly workplace. Want to have a closer look at our QHSE policy?
The knowledge of all product ingredients enables us to search for further optimization resulting in usage of safer materials. Our aim is to contribute to an enduring future, by continuously reducing the environmental impact with ongoing improvements of our environmental management system. 

Visit our innovation page to read how we co-create sustainable solutions in all our innovation efforts!

Offering energy saving products, systems and solutions and reducing continuously the environmental impact during manufacturing and other operations requires a continuous training and development of our employees. We strive to limit our impact by

  • Using recyclable materials and recycled content while maintaining optimal quality
  • Using green energy when and where possible in our operations worldwide
  • Giving top priority to material efficiency and waste reduction
  • Always aiming for an optimal water stewardship
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ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems

Striving for operational excellence while minimizing the impact on our environment requires supportive management systems throughout our organization.
Implementation of the integrated ISO 9001/ 14001 quality and environmental management systems certification for all our worldwide operations is a major contribution in achieving our long term sustainable strategy goals.
Certified [June 2015]: All factories, which are located in Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Russia.

Click here to download the certificates!

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