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Wiltshire, United Kingdom
A state-of-the-art solution for age-old heritage

When dealing with a 2.500 year old UNESCO World Heritage site, sustainability and environmental sensitivity are crucial factors to consider. They are designed into the building function at every level, so the search for smart, innovative materials both above and below ground was a very careful one for the Stonehenge project planners. Flexalen is a highly suitable technology in answering to those critical conditions, and proved an ideal choice for the site’s ground heating scheme, hot water and space heating.

A new visitor center at Stonehenge proves to be a beacon of advanced construction design and technology - from the stunning canopy roof down to the pipework infrastructure. At 2km to the west of the stone circle, out of sight of the monument, the new visitor center is designed to sit lightly on the rolling landscape of the Salisbury Plain, perfectly immersed by its historical environment.    


One of the biggest concerns for this project was minimizing environmental disturbance, while securing an efficient, and sustainable heat supply – so also the heat loss of the selected pipe works played an important role in the context of optimizing energy efficiency in a low carbon environment. The laying of the pipes could be closely controlled, which was necessary for the rich archaeology associated with the site. 


Spectrum HPM Ltd.

Flexenergy Ltd

  • 2500 year old
  • UNESCO world site
  • 3 months
  • from project planning to realization
3 months
Amesbury , SP4 7DE Wiltshire, United Kingdom
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