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District heating in Griesheim

Griesheim, Germany
Long distance efficiency
District heating in Griesheim
District heating in Griesheim
District heating in Griesheim

Griesheim is a rural area in central Germany, and planned to use the waste heat from a biogas plant to supply scattered farms, removed far away from the village. Efficiency over such long distances was a crucial challenge.

In Griesheim, the waste heat from the biogas plant is used to supply 9 farms which are far away from the village, and far away from each other. This project was subsidized by the county Hessen to enhance the use of clean, sustainable energy.


A wide range dimensions of the Flexalen pipe system were used to fulfill each single need with best efficiency, including single and double pipe technologies.


Creating a reliable heating supply for farms outside Worms’ (village) heating network. So the special challenge was to overcome long distances in an effective, easy and sustainable manner.


All 9 scattered farms are now supplied safely, effiently, and sustainably with clean waste-heat from the biogas plant. Cheap, local independent supply secured for decades to come!

  • biogas plant to supply
  • 9 farms
  • with clean, affordable heat
Realized in 1 month
Michael Biewald
Technical advisor
Sub.: Thermaflex Germany
64347 Griesheim, Germany
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