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Localized district heating in Thal-Aue

Thal-Aue (Tirol), Austria
Domestic resources for affordable heat
Localized district heating in Thal-Aue
Localized district heating in Thal-Aue
Localized district heating in Thal-Aue

Local district heating networks are particularly effective in securing communities with affordable heat. The trend towards these solutions was also seen in Thal-Aue, in the east Tyrolean community of Assling. The dependence on fossil fuels and the associated high costs have led to the increasing use of domestic resources for generating heat. As a result, wood scraps from the local sawmill are used today, to produce energy for the local community. This way, the entire town can be supplied with clean, sustainable heat through a well-developed district heating system.

In July 2006, the Theurl sawmill was selected by Elektrowerk Assling as energy supplier for the district network connected to the mill. In order to ensure an efficient and reliable supply, a suitable distribution solution was crucial to satisfy its many, and various end users. Our Flexalen pre-insulated pipe system proved ideal in meeting those requirements.


Pre-fabricated welding parts and connections allowed for a quick, easy, and homogenous system. The construction project involving 4,300 m of Flexalen DN100/DA110, 950 m of DN80/DA90 and 300 m of various dimensions. The project was completed in October 2006.


The main focus was laid on an effective use of clean, sustainable and locally produced heat, maximizing the return on investment to convince the local community and weigh out the increasing expenses for oil and gas. 


During the course of this project in Thal-Aue, the composite lumber production with a total of 14.000 m² of hall area, currently under construction, will also be connected to the local heating network. The difficult terrain clearly demonstrated the advantages of flexible Polybutene pipes. The high flexibility allows the realization of small bending radiuses and offers clear advantages in mobility compared with traditional rigid materials. PB pipes not only require fewer connection points than traditional systems, handling is much more simple due to its flexibility, low weight and easy, yet secure weldability . This made passing under the federal road, the railroad line and the Drava River as well as crossing a mountain stream no problem at all.


Theurl Sawmill (Energy supplier) 

Elektrowerk Assling (Contractor)

  • 5550 m
  • of Flexalen 600 installed
  • up to 100 m
  • of pipe delivered on 1 coil
4 month
Christian Engel
Business Development District Heating / Cooling
Sub.: Thermaflex International Holding
Thal-Aue (Tirol), Austria
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