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Pre-insulated pipes Fiji

Fiji: looking for pre-insulated pipe?

For Fiji Thermaflex engineers, produces and delivers pre-insulated pipe solutions making robust district cooling and hot tap water networks for hotels and resorts.

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Pre insulated piping networks
Flexalen productlines

District cooling or central hot tap water for villa resorts Fiji

A central chiller or boiler, combined with a hot tap water or district cooling network is a perfect way to reduce carbon footprint and increase guest comfort for any tropical hotel or resort. Thermaflex has rich experience in thermal networks in both high-rise hotels or all villa resorts, such as in Fiji, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

Benefits include:

  • Reliable and Long-lasting
    Central equipment is easier to maintain and lasts longer than a large number of individual ACs and water heaters. A flexible pipe network is 100% corrosion free and lasts for decades.
  • Efficient and effective
    Central (water-cooled) chillers come with superior COP compared to individual equipment. Whereas guests enjoy readily available cooling power, while reducing installed capacity.
  • Key to carbon neutral
    Centrally generated chilled water opens a wide array of ready to implement sustainable techniques, such as thermal storage, ocean water (assisted) cooling, natural refrigerants, heat recovery, etc.
  • Comfortable and peace of mind
    No more outdoor units scattered around, reducing the heat load and noise levels around the villas, leading to a more natural and immersive experience.

Our cooling projects for tropical resorts

Cooling network Mandarin Oriental-Canouan-saint-vincent-grenadines

Mandarin Oriental

Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Marriot hotel - Costa Smeralda - Sardinia

Marriott hotel

Costa Smeralda

Pipes cooling network Club Med Guadeloupe

Club Med La Caravelle


The Oberoi Rajvilas-Jaipur India

The Oberoi Rajvilas


Flexibility and prefabrication

The Flexalen pre-insulated pipe system comprises flexible pipe delivered on coils and factory-made project specific prefabrications. This means that the number of fittings in any project are greatly reduced (60-80%), which leads to less handling, quicker installation and minimal operational risks.
Reduced installation times are much appreciated in renovation projects as well as in new builds under time pressure.

System dimensions and components

Flexible pipe on coil is available in OD25 to OD125, semi-flexible pipe on 11,8 sticks are available in OD63 to OD315, covering your needs for multiple MWs of cooling capacity.
Pipe connections are made by electro fusion, socket fusion or butt fusion technology, moreover there’s a wide range of mechanical transitions available. Heat shrink insulation couplers are placed over the pipe connections and guarantee 100% cover integrity.

Thermaflex pre-insulated pipes

Flexalen600 ogrzewanie chłodzenie

Flexalen 600

Flexalen 600 flexible pre-insulated pipes offer a single solution for district heating, cooling networks and domestic water supply and are ideal for geothermal water distribution.

Flexalen PU double pre insulated pipe

Flexalen PU

Flexalen PU pre-insulated pipes are specially designed for medium to large heating networks where flexibility is required in combination with the highest insulation class.

Flexalen prefabrications series

Flexalen prefabrications

Joints, branches and connections are the most critical parts of networks for heating, cooling or drinking water. Our prefabricated Flexalen network elements take a lot of work off your hands.

Flexalen Electrofusion socket fittings

Flexalen system accessories

We offer all the necessary components/parts to install our integrated pre-insulated Flexalen piping system quickly and properly. We offer a complete system, including a wide range of accessories and tools.

Logistics of pre-insulated pipes to Fiji

Thermaflex is a system supplier and end-to-end manufacturer of pipe, pre-insulated pipe and pre-insulated prefabrications. the ISO certified factory in Waalwijk is only 50km away from Europe’s biggest port of Rotterdam. Coiled pipe, sticks and fitting are loaded into containers and directly shipped to projects across the globe.

History Thermaflex insulation
Thomas van den Groenendaal - expert cooling and hot tap water networks tropical regions
Thomas van den Groenendaal

DHC/Hospitality sales pre-insulated piping

Ask our expert

Are you based on Fiji? We are happy to help you find the best solution for your hotel or (villa) resort. Please contact Thomas van den Groenendaal, our expert for cooling and hot tap water networks in tropical regions.


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