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Residential complex "Emerald"

Москва, Rosja
Multi-dimensional saving
Residential complex "Emerald"
Residential complex "Emerald"
Residential complex "Emerald"

The holding company "Glavmosstroy" is one of the largest construction holding companies in Russia. They have all the resources needed for the implementation of projects of any complexity in the field of residential construction. For Thermaflex, complex construction sites are our bread and butter. So the cooperation with Glavmosstroy proved highly successful in tackling the challenges of the huge, new residential complex.

The new residential complex "Emerald" is located in one of the most prestigious parts of southwest Moscow, also known as the Obruchevskiy district. This district is part of the 12 administrative divisions of Moscow. It covers more than 604 hectares with more than 18 streets, and 2 metro stations (Kaluzhskaya and New Cheryomushky). This district’s population is estimated to be about 70,000 people.


The residential complex "Emerald" consists of four buildings of varying heights. Building A has 28 floors, Building B has 32 floors, Building C has 23 floors and Building D has 21 floors. The buildings all join up in the middle. The complex is also equipped with an underground parking area for up to 524 cars. There are 379 apartments ranging in size from 99 m² to 320 m². Such a huge residential complex can naturally expect high energy and maintenance costs. So the holding company "Glavmosstroy" was looking for a sustainable, efficient, and most importantly an energy saving solution. They decided upon our high performance and durable systems, bringing economic as well as environmental benefits.


The entire “Emerald” complex is now equipped with ThermaECO FRZ. Because of its excellent insulation performance, the energy costs per user was effectively minimized. The ease and speed of installation could also minimize time and labor requirements. On top of that, the environmental impact could be reduced significantly, both in terms of emissions and waste, as our components ensure an optimal use of energy, and can be fully recycled when reclaimed.


Glavmosstroy (holding company)

  • 4 buildings
  • with in total...
  • 104 floors
  • with living space at...
  • 379 appartments
Czas trwania
started 2015 - still in progress
Andrey Kiselev
Sales Specialist Insulation
Oddział: Thermaflex Russia
Ленинский Проспект 105 , Москва, Rosja
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