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District Heating with biomass in Lichtenegg

Lichtenegg, Austria
Reliable heating for 28 years, and counting
District Heating with biomass in Lichtenegg
District Heating with biomass in Lichtenegg
District Heating with biomass in Lichtenegg
District Heating with biomass in Lichtenegg

In 1987, in the rural village of Lichtenegg (Lower Austria), a biomass-based district heating solution became one of the earlier manifests of Flexalen. The heat supply for the local community could be secured with regional agricultural resources such as wood chips. Lichtenegg villagers did not only become independent of fossil fuels, but also benefit from clean, sustainable heat at much lower cost. In order to ensure a safe, and reliable operation of the heating network at minimal energy loss, the distribution system was a crucial aspect of this sustainable energy initiative. Sustainable networks for sustainable energy - the living proof! 

In the first construction phase in 1987, the main line was installed. The connections were prepared through butt-welding, and installation was done by trained welders. The excavation/drainage was organized by the cooperative. Meanwhile, with even more conviction from the local community, 18 more homes have been connected.


A long-term solution to make an efficient use of locally produced clean bio-energy for the communal heat supply so that the return on investment could be maximized; that was the main goal for the village of Lichtenegg. They wanted to replace the individual boilers and rely on wood in the form of woodchips instead. Additionally they wanted to improve air quality.


The network has now been operating successfully for 28 years and has expanded since. The last expansion was the connection of 18 houses to the network. The high flexibility of the pipes allowed for a simple and quick installation. 400m and 18 house connections were installed and connected within 8 days. The biomass-fuelled district heating of Lichtenegg sealed by our tried-and-trusted Flexalen system – its excellent, and clearly proven durability being one of the many reasons why it was the best choice. 


The high-quality insulation material meant that heat loss could be sustainably minimized. Thanks to the extensive program of dimensioning, pre-insulated fittings, and accessories, the assembly of the system could be realized in a short time with only a few connections.


Fernwärmeges.mbH. Lichtenegg (District Heating Company)

Dodatkowe informacje

  • 3000 meters
  • of pre-insulated pipes
  • 400 meters and 18 houses
  • connected additionally within 8 days!
  • over 28 years
  • of successful performance! And counting...
Czas trwania
Christian Engel
Business Development District Heating / Cooling
Oddział: Thermaflex International Holding
Lichtenegg, Austria
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