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Communal wood boiler in Yzeron

Yzeron, Francja
An ambitious switch
Communal wood boiler in Yzeron
Communal wood boiler in Yzeron
Communal wood boiler in Yzeron

Yzeron is located in the heart of the Monts du Lyonnais in the Rhône, on a rocky outcrop 700 meters above sea level. It is a picturesque tourist village with many restaurants, lodges and shops. Hiking, climbing, pedal boats, and donkey rides are just some of the plentiful activities Yzeron has to offer. With its ambitious switch to clean and sustainable energy for the local community, came the need for a smart and equally sustainable distribution network, supplied by locally produced energy from woodchips.


The municipality of Yzeron strives to promote renewable energy in the region. The idea of a woodchip boiler was an ideal choice as half of the town is forested, significantly lowering the energy cost for the users compared to any other fossil fuel. That return could be maximized with an efficient distribution system. It needed become operational by winter for 55 students in the village and a home for mentally handicapped.


A total network out of 13 units was built. The wood boiler now supplies the new public school and the institution for the handicapped. The network could be implemented swiftly, safely and sustainably, securing affordable heat for the Yzeron community, for generations to come.


Municipality of Yzeron (initiator of the project)

ETEC 73 Le Bourget du Lac (contractor)

ELYO SuezLyon (installer)

  • 55 students
  • warmed with biomass
  • 700 m
  • above sea level
  • 13 units
  • covered by the network
Czas trwania
Hubert Lhotellier
Project design and realization
Oddział: Thermaflex France
Yzeron, Francja
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