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OOI visits Thermaflex headquarters in Waalwijk

Thermaflex Supports Training Initiatives for the Insulation Industry in the Netherlands

We were delighted to welcome Wendy and Martin from OOI Opleidings- en Ontwikkelingsfonds voor de Isolatiebranche to our headquarters at Thermaflex. It was a pleasure to meet them and discuss our shared commitment to training the new generation of installers for the insulation industry in the Netherlands.

At Thermaflex, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. By supporting organizations like OOI, we will jointly educate the new generation of professional installers for the insulation sector. 

“Bedankt voor de gastvrije ontvangst, de interessante rondleiding en het goede overleg. OOI Opleidings- en Ontwikkelingsfonds voor de Isolatiebranche werkt graag met fabrikanten samen om zo op de hoogte te blijven van de laatste ontwikkelingen. Dan kunnen wij de isolatiemonteurs nog beter trainen.”

Wendy BosboomDirectiesecretaresse bij Stichting OOI

Thank you, Wendy and Martin, for visiting us at Thermaflex. We look forward to further collaboration and creating a positive impact in the insulation industry through training and innovation.

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