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Indoor Heating Insulation

Save your comfort, comfort your savings
Indoor Heating Insulation
Indoor Heating Insulation
Indoor Heating Insulation
Indoor Heating Insulation

Warning “HOT”!!! Suitable heating is a vital element of any habitable building. At a very basic level, it should guarantee ‘round-the-clock living or working comfort, but it also goes far beyond that. Poorly insulated systems can waste huge amounts of energy, going in tandem with high bills and CO2 emissions. What’s key is to secure an efficient and sustainable protection from both wastage and maintenance. With the right insulation systems, the saving potential for wallet, environment and future is enormous – so how to tap it to the maximum?

It’s payback time

In an average (moderate climate) household, around 45% of the energy bill goes towards heating. Considering another 20% goes towards hot water, there is clearly a lot be won here – and quick, too! We have developed a wide range of efficient, and sustainable insulation solutions for domestic heating and hot water systems. Our systems typically realize a payback in less than one season, with a heat loss reduction of around 70%. Bigger than the minimum insulation thickness is paid back in 2 or 3 seasons, yet reduce heat loss by up to 85%! All in all, the overall impact can scrap a significant chunk out of utility bills.

No time, no sweat

Not only are suitable insulation systems one of the most effective ways to tackle financial and environmental energy challenges, it can also be one of the easiest (and fastest). The high mechanical strength and homogeneity of our tubes, sheets and pre-fabricated connections makes for a quick and easy, yet full-proof installation – even in the most difficult space conditions. As our insulation ranges are highly resistant to mechanical damage, wide temperature ranges, and water vapor, their performance effectively withstands the test of time.

Technical Datasheets

  ThermaSmart PRO (US-EN) PDF 856 KB Preview Download Mail

Product Data Sheet for ThermaSmart PRO tube and sheet ranges (US-EN) 20170331

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