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Universal ducting

We've developed this range as a protective solution for channeling ingenuity. This universal robust, yet flexible insulation duct provides future-proof flexibility for any combination of pipes, tubes and cables.

Harnessing creativity

Protectube acts as a thermal, sound, and mechanical barrier for a wide scope of applications, both indoor and outdoor. It can furnish great creativity of use in an efficient, and sustainable solution. Because of its light weight and flexibility, Protectube can be quickly and easily installed under river crossings, railways or buildings, used as feed lines for heat pumps or split air conditioning, ... the possibilities are endless. And they remain endless, even for future replacement or up-scaling.

Cover all bases

Just like our other insulated components, Protectube is made from extruded polyolefin foam to a robust HDPE outer casing, offering excellent thermal performance as well as protection against moisture, humidity, frost and mechanical loads. It is equally safe and environmentally friendly in terms of sustainability and recyclability. 

  • Sustainability

    Fully recyclable

  • Health

    Produced without (H)CFC
    Complies to REACH
    Complies to VOC (Volatile organic components)

  • Installation

    Light weight and flexibility allows easy insertion of pipes and cables.

    Possibility to replace inner pipes and cables at any time.

  • Specificities

    Robust and flexible at the same time.

    Ideal protection for thermal and mechanically sensitive pipes and cables.

    Extruded polyolefine foam with a robust inner / outer skin.

    Especially developed by Thermaflex and fully bonded to the PE outer casing.

    HDPE outer casing, offers superior protection against moisture and mechanical loads.

  • Flexibility

    Excellent flexibility

    Bending radius 6 inches – 32 inches (depending on inner pipe selection)

  • Service temperature

    Wide temperature range

    Minimum -59°F   

    Maximum 203°F

  • UV

    Outter casing made resistant to UV radiation

  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Diameter range:

    Inner (DI): 3/4 in to 4 1/2 in (free space)

    Outer (DA): 3/2 in to 8 in

    Available in coils of 330 ft

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