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ThermaSmart PRO

Insulating the future, from cradle to cradle
ThermaSmart PRO technical insulation
ThermaSmart PRO technical insulation

ThermaSmart PRO is a revolution in insulation, tackling all those challenges of efficient and sustainable building design. Our full range of components offers a complete insulation solution for domestic hot and cold water applications, securing safety, high performance and durability for decades to come. 

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Hassle-free, and headache-free performance

ThermaSmart PRO is a range of efficient, and durable insulation components from high quality polyolefine foam. Its flexibility makes for a quick and easy, yet full-proof and aesthetic installation - even in the most difficult space conditions. The completely closed cell structure of the Polyethylene (PE) material of ThermaSmart PRO minimizes energy loss, prevents vapor diffusion, which makes for a condensation-free and thus corrosion-free solution throughout its life cycle. On top of that, it also has a high resistance to mechanical damage, wide temperature ranges, and water permeation throughout the test of time.

No-compromise solution

ThermaSmart PRO excels in the latest US standards for fire protection, while ensuring minimal smoke production. As a safe and healthy material, it does not produce flaming droplets or toxic gases, as it contains no toxic elements. It is environmentally friendly, both in manufacture and in use. As the first, and only Cradle to Cradle Certified™ technical insulation, it also fully complies with our vision of a circular economy, and is 100% recyclable upon reclaim. This makes it an ideal solution for green building projects. You can check out a precise breakdown of ThermaSmart PRO for LEED and BREEAM specifications in the knowledge center below. You can also find the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Material Health Certificate and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) there.

  • Sustainability

    Cradle to Cradle Certified™ 

    100% recyclable

    Ideal for green building (e.g. LEED and BREEAM)

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) available

    Download it in the knowledge center!

  • Fire

    Excellent flame extinguishing properties

    See component ranges for detailed fire class properties

  • Health

    Produced without (H)CFC

    Complies to REACH

    Complies to VOC (Volatile organic components)

    Complies to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

  • Certificates

    Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze

    CE system 1 certified (including 3rd party control)

    Bureau Veritas approved for shipbuilding (up to 13 mm)

    Approved for Airbus

  • Insulation

    Flexible thermoplastic foam

    Excellent insulation properties

  • Water

    Closed cell structure

    Excellent water vapor barrier

  • Availabilities


    Tubes with adhesive seam

    Tube insulation in coils


    Sheet-rolled tube

    Pre-fabricated parts


  • ThermaSmart PRO tubes

    Our assortment in Imperial units

  • ThermaSmart PRO Sheet

    Our assortment in Imperial units

Extremely robust material

While still relatively flexible, ThermaSmart PRO insulation is exceptionally robust due to its high tensile and elongational strength. This makes it much less susceptible to damage during installation work or general wear and tear during its service period. This prevents the need for protective foils, paints or any other cladding, while ensuring a durable energy performance.

Integrated vapor barrier

For cooling and refrigeration applications, the integrated vapor barrier and low water absorption of ThermaSmart PRO guarantees safety and durability. While a scratch in the top layer of classic insulation materials would generally cause condensation, water leakage and corrosion, ThermaSmart PRO prevents condensation and retains its insulating properties, even when damaged.

Excellent fire resistance

With a BL, s1, d0 fire rating, ThermaSmart PRO demonstrates excellent fire and smoke characteristics in respect to building health and safety. Its flame extinguishing properties and low smoke emission ensure better visibility in case of fire and has a limited risk of asphyxiation – the two most common causes of deaths in building fires – as a non-toxic material.

Anti-crack material

Protect your copper and brass connections with ThermaSmart PRO, the anti-crack material. Check out our White Paper on insulation and stress crack corrosion in the downloads.

UV resistance

It is not uncommon that after a few years of service, elastomeric insulation materials start to deteriorate and lose its properties due to UV exposure. The saturated molecular structure of ThermaSmart PRO structure guarantees a better UV resistance, ensuring a more sustainable performance.

Efficiency calculator

Try out our insulation calculator to find out in seconds how ThermaSmart PRO can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Fully certified insulation system

Because credibility comes with evidence, we provide ThermaSmart PRO certificates, performance declarations, white papers and data sheets. Find them in the downloads.

Solidifying your ThermaSmart PRO system

Connections are often the most vulnerable and time-consuming part of an insulation system. So when it comes to efficiently insulating an installation, the type of connections should be carefully considered. To tailor to all possible needs, we offer 3 main connection solutions to seal off your system: from our specially designed ThermaGlue, to factory prefabricated connections, or a heat plate tool to prefab-it-yourself at the speed of light.

PRO tools & equipment

In order to maximize installation quality and efficiency, we’ve developed a specialized PRO toolbox for insulation professionals with customized, high quality tools and equipment for the installation of ThermaSmart PRO. Coming soon!


Our comprehensive collection of ThermaSmart PRO installation manuals offer all the necessary guidelines for insulation professionals, from general product information to useful tips and tricks for specific applications. You can find these in our downloads!

Certified System Installer

PRO not only stands for professional materials, but also professional skills. Our “Certified System Installer” program offers trainings and qualifications for insulation professionals to ensure ease of handling and installation efficiency in upcoming projects. Our Certified Installers also become part of our Partner Network.

Efficiency calculator

Try out our insulation calculator to find out in seconds how ThermaSmart PRO can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.


  Data Center 2.0 in Doral, Florida summary presentation PDF 4571 KB Preview Download Mail

Summary presentation of the renovation of the thermal insulation at the chilled water system in a Data Center done by GPipes.

Brochures Catalogues

  ThermaSmart PRO Brochure PDF 2376 KB Preview Download Mail

Installation Manuals

  Insulation - Tube insulation PDF 2490 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - General information PDF 3386 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Sheet insulation on pipes and circular ducts PDF 3770 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Sheet insulation on rectangular ducts PDF 1127 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - General information PDF 2110 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Tube insulation PDF 1684 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Prefab it yourself PDF 797 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Sheet insulation on pipes and circular ducts PDF 2435 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Sheet insulation on rectangular ducts PDF 1153 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - Prefab it yourself PDF 765 KB Preview Download Mail

Create your own prefabricated parts in a blink of an eye with the heatplate.

Technical Datasheets

  ThermaSmart PRO (US-EN) PDF 856 KB Preview Download Mail

Product Data Sheet for ThermaSmart PRO tube and sheet ranges (US-EN) 20170331

Safety Data Sheets

  Insulation: ThermaSmart PRO PDF 148 KB Preview Download Mail

Safety Data Sheet: ThermaSmart PRO

White Papers

  The influence of insulation blowing agents on pipe corrosion PDF 466 KB Preview Download Mail

In the world of synthetic insulation, 2 main types of blowing agents are used to foam the product: chemical and physical blowing agents. What is the difference in relation to their influence on pipe corrosion?

Environmental Certifications

  ThermaSmart PRO - Green Building Specifications (LEED & BREEAM) PDF 120 KB Preview Download Mail
  ThermaSmart PRO - EPD PDF 1468 KB Preview Download Mail

In order to help you reach your sustainable targets, we have designed our ThermaSmart PRO range of products in a responsible way.

This declaration is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025. EPDs rely on 3rd party verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to provide information on a number of environmental impacts of products over their life cycle.

  What is an EPD? PDF 421 KB Preview Download Mail


  Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore division type approval certificate PDF 403 KB Preview Download Mail

Ship Building, Steering wheel certificate

19786/B0 BV

  UL Certificate of compliance approval ThermaSmart PRO PDF 1201 KB Preview Download Mail

Certificate number: 20120618-E327224. 

(June 2012).

  Bureau Veritas EC Type Examination certificate ThermaSmart PRO PDF 409 KB Preview Download Mail

Certificate number: 28587/B0 EC.

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