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Our new calculation tool!

January 25, 2017 in General

So, you’re an engineer and you’re probably thinking “Sure, Thermaflex insulation minimizes energy loss, saves energy, money, has a satisfying payback time, etc. but What does it mean for my specific heating or cooling installation? How many €/£/$/… will I actuallysave on my project?”

Many construction projects always have 1 thing in common – energy infrastructure is key. The guidelines are clear: less CO2 emissions, better lifetime, and improved climate protection, through both intention and action. The influence of insulation on efficiency and cost savings should be quantified and considered in every decision.

Bring it home

With our newly launched calculation tool, Thermaflex hopes to provide a detailed answer to those questions.

"We understand that many users are not engineers, planners or specialists in thermal energy systems. In the same way, we believe that everyone has a right to thermal comfort, we also believe that the knowledge about the saving potential of that comfort is a fundamental prerogative for the local expert to provide” says Simon Delaunay, Digital Strategy director at Thermaflex.

That’s why we have developed a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable efficiency calculator an essential tool for insulation professionals. Providing detailed installation information of various pipe insulation in heating, cooling and refrigeration systems offer valuable insights that are comprehensible for customers to support the decision-making process in the best and most concrete way possible.

Easy does it

For this calculator, all you need to do is to choose your preferred Thermaflex insulation material and within just a few clicks you will know what it means for your energy bill, now, and over the systems lifetime. You can even request a calculation of your return on investment and directly download every calculation result.

"The efficiency calculator is the optimal tool to make our daily work even more efficient and to show our customers, right up to the end user, an accurate impact of insulation systems on their return on investment. I am pleased to use this tool together with our customers!" Roberto Sánchez, sales representative at Refrisol in Mexico.


Besides offering these basic insulation insights, we have also developed a PRO calculator with more specification options. It offers designers the ability to make their own calculations – independent from existing standards. Here, of course, further details of variables are required. Currently we are further developing the calculator to allow calculations for a combination of both tube and sheet material to serve the requirements for both very thick insulation or large diameters. Stay tuned!

Discover the brand-new Thermaflex efficiency calculator here:

Insulation Calculator

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