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Harmonizing comfort, capital and climate

The golden question. Over the years, hospitality services have been quick on the uptake to satisfy demands for ever more unique guest experiences at untainted comfort and convenience. Yet how can today’s brokers of warmth and well-being address that comfort factor in regard to amenity, energy, and environment?

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With energy being the fastest growing operating cost in the industry, this can be a difficult question. At Thermaflex, we understand the challenges that come with maintaining an optimal level of comfort. We know at what cost that can come, especially with traditional systems. That’s why we do it a little different. With our systems and through co-creation with our stakeholders we can answer to any time, climate, ground and space conditions. 

Peace of mind

When it comes to heating, cooling and potable water, we secure performance on every level through carefully engineered solutions. The high energy efficiency of our systems wields substantial returns for energy demanding amenities. Now, and in the future, thanks to our cradle-to-cradle guarantee. This way, comfort can have a social, financial and environmental blessing.

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