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Environmental Certifications

  ThermaSmart PRO - Green Building Specifications (LEED & BREEAM) PDF 120 KB Preview Download Mail
  ThermaSmart PRO - EPD PDF 1111 KB Preview Download Mail

In order to help you reach your sustainable targets, we have designed our ThermaSmart PRO range of products in a responsible way.

This declaration is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025. EPDs rely on 3rd party verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to provide information on a number of environmental impacts of products over their life cycle.

  What is an EPD? PDF 421 KB Preview Download Mail
  Cradle to Cradle - Carbon offsetting 2015-2019 PDF 195 KB Preview Download Mail

Thermaflex Isolatie B.V. has offset 290 tonnes of CO2 tooffset 50% of the emissions caused by the production of C2C products (Flexalen 600).

Thermaflex directly invests in emission reduction projects which combine energy, environment and developmental solutions into sustainable business opportunities in developing countries, with the help of the Climate Neutral Group.

  ThermaSmart PRO - Cradle to Cradle Bronze PDF 673 KB Preview Download Mail

Cradle to Cradle Bronze certificate for ThermaSmart PRO insulation.

  ThermaSmart PRO - ​Cradle to Cradle Bronze Material Health Certificate PDF 159 KB Preview Download Mail

Cradle to Cradle Bronze Material Health Certificate for ThermaSmart PRO insulation.

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