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Iberoaméricana Hospital

Barranquilla, Colombia
Controlling environments with time and cost efficiency
Iberoaméricana Hospital
Iberoaméricana Hospital
Iberoaméricana Hospital
Iberoaméricana Hospital
Iberoaméricana Hospital

As one of the best, state-of-the-art medical centers in Colombia, the Clinica Iberoamérica boosts a high reputation in the region. But first level health service requires first level building solutions, especially in the hot and humid climate of Barranquilla where condensation poses a grave threat to cooling and chilled water installations. The developers challenged Thermaflex to find a condensation-free solution for its ventilation systems at minimal installation cost, while maximizing energy efficiency. The time efficiency of flexible polybutene (PB-1) pipe systems combined with the long-term protection of ThermaSmart PRO insulation proved perfectly apt for that challenge.

The construction of the Clinica Iberoamérica would provide greater coverage in health services for the city of Barranquilla, while improving the quality of medical treatment for the community. To ensure such first level treatment, the hospital includes:

  • 8 Surgery rooms
  • 62 rooms for adults,
  • 8 rooms for pediatrics
  • 5 delivery rooms
  • 22 Intensive Care Units
  • Cardiovascular Surgery department
  • Latest generation diagnostic images
  • Clinical and Pathological laboratories for sampling and analysis
  • All medical equipment and appliances based on the latest technology


This project was of outstanding importance for the company as they sought to expand their services in Colombia and thereby needed to achieve high operational efficiency of its new facilities.


The project owners challenged Thermaflex due our wide experience in polybutene (PB-1) pipe systems. The flexibility of PB-1 offers a great advantage for the installer in terms of installation. The main challenge was to demonstrate how to take advantage of this flexibility to optimize installation times, while reducing the number of accessories, such as elbows, which also significantly cuts material costs.


In addition to the installation time and cost efficiency of the indoor piping network, the operational efficiency of cooling and ventilation systems was key. This is also why the choice fell on polybutene, having a low thermal conductivity, plus a durable thermal insulation system - ThermaSmart PRO - which allows for long-term energy efficiency due to its great resistance to condensation and mechanical damage compared to traditional materials.


This could bring significant project savings and efficiencies in resources. This we could demonstrate directly on site, and providing the accompaniment required in the installation process of the supply and return networks from the rooms to the technical cover. 


The choice for flexible PB-1 systems and ThermaSmart PRO managed to secure significant project savings and resource efficiencies. This we were able to demonstrate directly on site, providing project support throughout the installation of the supply and return networks from the technical rooms to the medical spaces, including careful instruction for each of the fusion techniques for the project's installation professionals. The entire construction of the medical center was realized within the year, allowing tight installation schedules to be kept well within their designated timeframes.


The combination of a PB-1 system with ThermaSmart PRO technical insulation also proved to be an ideal solution for this project in terms of performance. So far, the hospital’s cooling systems operate reliably; there have been 0 incidents with leakages or significant energy losses in the system, ensuring uninterrupted, optimal system performance.


Sanitas International (Customer)

Serviparamo (Installer)

  • 6° 
  • working temperature
  • 40°C
  • ambient temperatures
  • 90%
  • relative humidity 
  • 0 incidents recorded
  • during system operation
1 year
Juan Camilo Amaya Castro
Sales and Marketing Manager LATAM
Sub.: Thermaflex Latam
Cl. 86 #50 - 26 , 080020 Barranquilla, Colombia
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